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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

A Look At Australian Shepherd Mix Breed Dogs & Aussie Mix Forum

By Anton Hout, author of The Guide to Aussie Training & Care

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Before we get into Australian Shepherd mix breeds I would like to clearly state that—I wholeheartedly support Australian Shepherd breeders and recognize the valuable and important work they do for the breed's preservation and improvement.

At the same time, this does not preclude mixes, whether accidental or planned, from producing dogs with traits, both physical and temperamental, that are wonderful in their own way. After all, the Australian Shepherd itself—and every breed—is the product of exactly this type of mixing for desired traits.

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I strive to keep this a positive and supportive community for fans of Australian Shepherds, related breeds, and mixes. I understand that there are divisive positions related to these topics, but for the purposes of this page and website let's keep the focus on common ways we can share our enthusiasm for the dogs we love.

Oftentimes, an Australian Shepherd mix occurs unintentionally and the other breed in the mix may not even be known. This is frequently the case with a rescue dog. They may look like an Australian Shepherd, sort of, but dog DNA testing would be needed to know for sure. Dog DNA testing can tell you more about the specific breeds which will also give you some clues as to their temperament and any potential health issues that may affect them.

A Look At Australian Shepherd Mix Breed Dogs - Photo: Australian Shepherd mix smiling.

GregNoel /

We love Australian Shepherds, but Aussie crosses can produce wonderful dogs too!

An Australian Shepherd mix can be a popular choice as the bright, intelligent temperament of the Aussie blends well with many other breeds. The results can be unique and endearing varieties that are easy to fall in love with. Aussies have been mixed with everything from Border Collies to Boxers, making for some striking looks and amazing personalities.

If you are the owner of an Australian Shepherd cross I hope you will create a page about your dog in the section below and share a little bit about them. Tell us what they are crossed with (if you know) and let us know more about their personality, quirks, and health issues you've had to deal with. That way we can all learn more and compile a great resource for Aussie mix owners and please do... include pictures! If you create a page below, it's very helpful if you include photos. We'd love to see them and it might help others to identify what their mystery dog is crossed with.

Australian Shepherd Mix Examples

A Look At Australian Shepherd Mix Breed Dogs - Photo: Australian Shepherd and Retriever mix, Carmen.

Elizabeth Barclay-Mendel

This is Carmen, a blue merle female Aussie and Retriever mix. She's a rescue from a shelter in Alabama and approximately 1.5 years old and 65 lbs. She's a wonderful dog and has bonded so well with our family and to her new home. Carmen is teaching us all about herding behavior, and we're teaching her what unconditional love is all about.

This picture is of her playing in what we assume was her first snowstorm, and she hopped through 2.5 feet of snow until she tired herself out. She had a blast!

Following is a look at some of the more popular mixes and what you can expect from each.

Texas Heeler – This is an Australian Shepherd and Australian Cattle Dog mix and results in an exceptionally intelligent, high energy dog. A Texas Heeler does well as a working dog, in dog sports like agility training and flyball. They will tend to be smaller than a purebred Aussie with shorter fur, speckled markings and prick ears which are hallmarks of the ACD.

Border-Aussie (Border Collie / Australian Shepherd mix) – Australian Shepherd not high enough energy for you? Throw some Border Collie into the mix. Other than their slightly smaller frame Border Collies look similar to Australian Shepherds and are often mistaken for them.

Aussie Corgi or Augie – A mix of Australian Shepherd and Corgi may sound farfetched but this is actually one of the more popular mixes, stemming from the fact that the two breeds have a lot in common. Both are untiring workers that love nothing more than watching over a farm, although the small size of this particular mix makes it equally adaptable to home and apartment dwelling provided it gets enough exercise on a regular basis.

Aussiedoodle – As the name suggests, this Australian Shepherd mix combines two of the more intelligent breeds in the Aussie and the Poodle. The result is a dog that is not only easy to train but is a wonderful companion, living for nothing more than the undying attention of his owner!

Australian Retriever – Combining the hardworking Aussie and the ultimate family dog, the Golden Retriever, the Australian Retriever is a handsome dog with a luxurious long coat. He is equally happy on land or in the water and absolutely loves children, making him the perfect choice for any family.

Baussie – Another of the more unique mixes, this breed combines the Australian Shepherd and Boston Terrier. As a true Australian Shepherd mix, he maintains the high energy of the Aussie but combines it with the homebody temperament of the Boston Terrier. This means you'll want to keep him occupied with toys and other distractions, especially if you're away from home for any length of time—or he could become destructive.

Boxherd – One of the more striking of the mixes, this combination of Aussie and Boxer is strong and sturdy and extremely loyal to his owners, to the point where he might even become aggressive if he feels that his family is being threatened. At the same time, he is a loving companion that likes nothing more than showering his family with kisses.

Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

There are many other types of Australian Shepherd mix, making it easy to find one that suits your family. If you have any question about the exact genetic makeup of your dog, the best and easiest way to get answers is with a DNA test.

Testing is quick and simple, requiring nothing more than a swab of your dog's cheek, and can also help you to determine any potential health issues your dog may have. For more information check our dog DNA testing page.

Owning an Aussie can be a wonderful experience and owning a mix is another great option, especially if you find one as a rescue. Whether you want a hard worker, a loyal guard dog or loving family friend, mixes offer a wide range of possibilities. So consider all of your options and be sure to look into the wide and wonderful world of Australian Shepherd mixes.

A Look At Australian Shepherd Mix Breed Dogs - Photo: Australian Shepherd and Blue Heeler mix, Babe II, carrying a big stick.

Theresa Chartier /

Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) and Australian Shepherd mix Babe II, female aged 8 when this was taken.

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If you don't know which breed they are crossed with, hopefully, other readers will be able to help you identify them. But don't just post a photo and ask people what they think it is. Add more details and tell us a bit about them. Have fun with it! 🙂

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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