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Canine Genetic Analysis / Wisdom Panel Accuracy

by Stephanie

Genetic testing results

Genetic testing results

I purchased my mini (Belo) from a breeder earlier this year after we lost our 6 year old mixed rescue to hemangiosarcoma. The parents are both registered with ASDR and she was supposed to be pure. I don't know any further back and didn't think to check. I was just ready for another pet.

Because it included the MDR1 test, and was close to the same price if I had done the MDR1 alone elsewhere, I purchased the Canine Genetic Analysis (powered by Wisdom Panel) at Banfield. The genetic results that came back show Australian Shepherd, Lab, Shetland Sheepdog and mixed (screenshot attached).

Also attached are some pics of my Belo, as a puppy and last month (she is now almost 8 months.

I've read that at times there are mixed results with some of the DNA tests (such as not showing a breed when knowing the lineage for multiple generations) and just curious if anyone else here has done the Wisdom Panel or this test and if the results came back as expected (purebred, mixed). Her makeup doesn't really matter as we love her regardless but not real happy to be sold purebred when she is not.

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Canine Genetic Analysis/ Wisdom Panel
by: Anonymous

I dont blame you for being upset, when you thought you were getting a purebred dog. Interesting about the lab though, I don't see any physical evidence of it in your photos. Should be interesting to see it in behaviour. I don't have a problem with mixing in another bloodline, it is probably good genetically and if done carefully should not impact breed characteristics too much. But a breeder should make that clear to buyers.

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