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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

Australian Shepherd Health Issues: Dealing with Puppy and Dog Health Problems Affecting Your Aussie

By Anton Hout, author of The Guide to Aussie Training & Care

For Australian Shepherd Owners:
Ivermectin for Dogs, Trifexis and MDR1 Gene Mutation


Overall the Australian Shepherd is a healthy breed. Like all breeds however there are certain medical issues that crop up more frequently with Australian Shepherds. While many of these are hereditary and can be minimized through proper breeding practices and buying your Aussie from a qualified breeder, others with pathogenic or nutritional causes can be helped with awareness and advice from your veterinarian.

Australian Shepherd Health Issues | Puppy And Dog Health Problems - Photo: Blue merle Australian Shepherd running and splashing through water.

Christian Müller /

Below you will find Australian Shepherd health care articles covering puppy and dog health problems of all kinds including dog diseases, warning signs and symptoms, and medical issues common in Aussies.

If you don't find what you are looking for please contact us and let us know if there is a topic related to dog or puppy health that we need to include. Thank you. ~Anton

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Australian Shepherd Health Care Tips. Articles covering puppy and dog health problems of all kinds including dog diseases and warning signs and symptoms for medical issues common in Aussies. #australianshepherd #doghealth #puppyhealth #aussielovers
Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

Australian Shepherd Health Articles

Blue merle Australian Shepherd sitting on green park bench.

Don't Overlook Lung Disease in Dogs—Spot the Signs

Is your dog struggling to breathe? Learn about the signs and symptoms of lung disease in dogs, treatments, and how to maintain your Aussie's respiratory health.

Red merle Australian Shepherd standing on slate floor.

Heart Disease in Dogs and How It Can Affect Your Aussie

Heart disease in dogs is a serious problem. As with humans, heart disease can manifest in many different ways and, in most cases, it will have little or no symptoms until it reaches a serious degree.

Australian Shepherd laying on grass on sunny day.

Idiopathic Head Tremors in Dogs Can Be Mistaken for Epilepsy

Idiopathic head tremors in dogs, also known as idiopathic head tremor syndrome (IHTS) can be disturbing to see as your dog exhibits an uncontrollable shaking of the head. How concerned should you be?

English Pointer mix with oral papilloma on lip.

Canine Oral Papilloma Virus In Dogs: What You Need to Know

Oral papilloma virus in dogs is quite common, however, that doesn't mean that you should take it lightly as it can be very contagious. It's important to recognize its signs and symptoms and control it.

Red merle Australian Shepherd standing in field.

The Liver Disease Symptoms in Dogs You Need to Watch For

Liver disease symptoms in dogs can be a real challenge since they can be similar to those of other illnesses. As a result, liver disease in dogs is often missed until it has reached an advanced stage.

Lady scratching ear of red merle Australian Shepherd.

Vestibular Disease in Dogs and What It Means for Your Aussie

Vestibular disease in dogs, also known as old dog vestibular syndrome, can be caused by several things. While the symptoms related to this condition can be frightening, the prognosis is generally good.

Australian Shepherd running in the park.

How Luxating Patella in Dogs Can Affect Your Aussie

Luxating patella in dogs is a common occurrence and, fortunately, can often be easily treated. It's important to understand the condition and the steps you can take to treat patellar luxation in dogs.

Foxtail barley (Hordeum jubatum).

Foxtails and Dogs: A Dangerous Combination for Your Aussie

Foxtails and dogs should be kept away from each other as foxtail seeds can be very dangerous. Barbs of the foxtail (and other grass seeds) can become embedded causing serious health problems and death.

Hand cupping blue-green algae cyanobacteria.

Blue-Green Algae and Dogs: The Invisible Poisoning Threat

Blue-green algae and dogs can be a dangerous combination, one that has only recently gained recognition when several owners lost their dogs to cyanobacteria after exposure to this devastating threat.

Portrait of red tri Australian Shepherd at park.

Recognizing and Preventing Periodontal Disease in Dogs

Periodontal disease in dogs is one of the most common ailments seen by veterinarians. What are the signs that may indicate that your dog has gum disease and what can you do to prevent and treat it?

Border Collie wearing a dog cone.

Alternatives To The Dog Cone Of Shame For Your Australian Shepherd

A dog cone can sometimes be a necessity but anyone who has ever had to use one on their dog knows that it is not the most pleasant, however, there are other much more comfortable options available.

Composite of Aussie and cannabis plant.

CBD Oil For Dogs And What Australian Shepherd Owners Need To Know

CBD oil for dogs, otherwise known as cannabidiol, may help to ease a number of symptoms of various illnesses. Let's take a closer look at the potential benefits to your dog's health and wellbeing.

Adult red tri Australian Shepherd dog outdoors in the countryside.

How Does Hemangiosarcoma In Dogs Affect Your Australian Shepherd?

Hemangiosarcoma is a deadly form of cancer that is most common in dogs, though it may also affect other kinds of animals as well. It is a form of cancer in dogs that is particularly aggressive.

Australian Shepherd in winter with trees in background.

Does Seasonal Affective Disorder In Dogs Affect Australian Shepherds?

Seasonal affective disorder in dogs is a subject of much debate. Many Australian Shepherd owners may notice a change in their dog's behavior during the winter months. What can you do to help?

Blue merle Australian Shepherd.

What Is Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) In Dogs?

IBD in dogs actually refers to a group of diseases that result in inflammation and chronic gastrointestinal symptoms.

Australian Shepherd at beach in San Diego, California.

Could Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) In Dogs Affect Your Aussie?

IBS in dogs can be a complicated subject, as it is possible for dogs to develop a number of bowel related issues.

Australian Shepherd with depression laying on couch.

Understanding Depression In Dogs

Depression in dogs may seem like an unusual idea, but it's a very real concern and more common than you might think.

Red tri Australian Shepherd in pasture.

What Is Acral Lick Granuloma?

Acral lick granuloma results in a dog licking one area of the body until a sore develops. What can be done to help?

Australian Shepherd outdoor portrait with green background.

The Pros and Cons of Dog Dental Treats

Dog dental treats are controversial among vets and dog owners and there are pros and cons you should be aware of.

Blue merle Australian Shepherd standing on grassy hill.

Cushing's Disease In Dogs Is Potentially Dangerous

Cushing's disease in dogs can be difficult to diagnose as the symptoms of this disorder can mimic other conditions.

Australian Shepherd in doorway by red door.

Thyroid Disease In Dogs Is Too Often Misdiagnosed

Thyroid disease in dogs is a common problem but it is also one of the most misdiagnosed health issues among all breeds.

Red tri Australian Shepherd running along river.

Understanding Autoimmune Disease in Dogs

Autoimmune disease in dogs is a common problem which, even with careful breeding, is almost impossible to avoid.

Australian Shepherds enjoying a sandy beach.

Is Sunscreen For Dogs Really A Thing?

Sunscreen for dogs is probably something that you hadn't thought about before, but dogs really do need sunscreen.

Silhouetted Australian Shepherd in field at sunset with illustration of microchip.

The Facts On Microchipping Dogs

Microchipping dogs has become common practice as microchips can now identify dogs throughout their entire lifespan.

Black tri Australian Shepherd in field.

Understanding Lupus in Dogs

Lupus in dogs can occur any time, usually in the adult years, and requires lifelong treatment as there is no cure.

Blue merle Australian Shepherd in a field with red flowers.

Understanding Addison's Disease In Dogs

Addison's disease in dogs, (hypoadrenocorticism), is a rare, serious condition that stems from a hormonal imbalance.

Australian Shepherd outside on beautiful autumn day.

Using Probiotics For Dogs: What You Need To Know

Probiotics for dogs are becoming popular and with good reason. Learn more about this important factor in good health.

Blue merle Australian Shepherd with trees in background.

Managing Seasonal Allergies In Dogs

Seasonal allergies in dogs have become a more readily recognized problem as we have learned more about their causes.

Australian Shepherd dog smiling at camera.

What Is Collie Eye Anomaly?

Collie eye anomaly is an inherited condition that is often found in Collies but can occur in other herding breeds.

Australian Shepherd dog with cataracts standing in field.

How To Manage Cataracts In Dogs

Cataracts in dogs are distressing, but the good news is that, more often than not, they are fairly easily treated.

Close-up of an Australian Shepherd's eye.

How To Check For Dog Eye Problems

Dog eye problems are a concern for all owners. You can easily check if your dog is showing signs of eye trouble.

Black tri Australian Shepherd at the park.

Dangers Of A Dog Inner Ear Infection (Otitis Media)

The important thing for a dog inner ear infection is to get diagnosis and treatment as it can become very serious.

Blue merle Australian Shepherd with ears perked up.

Dealing With A Dog Ear Infection Of The Outer Ear

If left untreated a dog ear infection of the outer ear can become chronic and lead to much more serious damage.

Australian Shepherd with river in background.

Should You Consider Using Holistic Medicine For Dogs?

Holistic medicine for dogs is a natural approach which treats the whole dog rather than targeting a specific illness.

Winter portrait of Australian Shepherd puppy.

Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency In Dogs

Pyruvate kinase deficiency in dogs is a condition that is particularly dangerous and has limited treatment options.

Australian Shepherd with trees in background.

Could Your Dog Be Affected By Canine Dementia?

Canine dementia is common and dogs can have changes in brain function as they age resulting in cognitive impairment.

Bowl of dog food in stainless steel bowl.

Help, My Dog Eats Too Fast... Is That Really A Problem?

If your dog eats too fast you are not alone. Many dogs take an aggressive approach to eating and wolf down meals.

Close-up photo of tick on a plant stalk.

How To Prevent And Treat A Dog Tick Bite

A dog tick bite can be the precursor to serious illness and is something that dog owners need to be vigilant about.

Close-up of flea.

Flea Allergy Dermatitis And What To Do About It

Flea allergy dermatitis is the most common skin condition in dogs and can strike any breed and may occur at any age.

Australian Shepherd licking nose.

What Can You Do About Your Dog Eating Poop?

A dog eating poop, coprophagia, is a relatively common experience but can be particularly distressing for owners.

Australian Shepherd in the heathland.

What Is a Keto Diet And How Can It Help My Dog?

A keto diet is a relatively new approach that many dog owners are following in order to help with health issues.

Australian Shepherd with DNA Helix photo illustration.

Why A Dog DNA Test Can Be Important

A dog DNA test is a popular research tool and can be an owner's first line of defense against health related issues.

Close up of Australian Shepherd's paw on a blanket printed with dog paws.

Should You Use Paw Wax On Your Australian Shepherd?

Paw wax may not be something you've considered for your Australian Shepherd, but you probably should if he spends time outdoors.

Blue merle Australian Shepherd chasing soccer ball with young man in blue jeans.

Cosequin For Dogs: Is It Right For Your Australian Shepherd?

Cosequin for dogs has become one of the most popular joint treatments recommended by vets for dogs of all ages.

Australian Shepherd profile in winter.

What You Need To Know About Dog Flu

Dog flu, or canine influenza virus, is a very real issue and, if left untreated, can lead to serious complications.

Red merle Australian Shepherd running on snow.

Chondroitin For Dogs: Does It Really Work?

Chondroitin for dogs can help when joints break down resulting in limited movement, inflammation, and chronic pain.

Red Australian Shepherd at park.

Hypothyroidism In Dogs: Symptoms And Treatment

Hypothyroidism in dogs is a fairly common issue. It can affect any dog and the sooner you get treatment the better.

Australian Shepherd laying on sand.

Dog Dry Skin And Why You Need To Take It Seriously

Dog dry skin is a more common problem than most people realize. Unfortunately, it can have many potential causes.

Portrait of Australian Shepherd with falling snow.

Does Glucosamine For Dogs Help With Joint Issues?

Glucosamine for dogs is being offered by many vets as a viable treatment for joint issues such as osteoarthritis.

Australian Shepherd puppy sitting in a field with dandelions.

Everything You Need To Know About Puppy Teeth

Have questions about puppy teeth? Find out more about teething in dogs, how long it takes, and caring for your pup.

Australian Shepherd in front of tan background.

A Basic Overview of Dog Viruses

A dog virus can be extremely distressing and in fact many viruses can be life threatening if not properly treated.

Cute Australian Shepherd puppy with blue eyes.

The Do's and Don'ts of Puppy Supplements

Puppy supplements may sound like a good idea but giving your puppy vitamins might not be as safe as you believe.

Australian Shepherd eating ice cream.

Dog Food Allergy Identification And Treatment

Dog food allergy is a more common problem than you might think. If you suspect a food allergy proceed cautiously.

Australian Shepherd laying down.

What Causes Diarrhea in Dogs?

Diarrhea in dogs can indicate a wide range of problems. It's important to determine the cause as soon as possible.

Australian Shepherd in evening light.

Which Is The Best Dog Diarrhea Treatment For Your Dog?

Which dog diarrhea treatment is best has a lot to do with the actual cause of the diarrhea, which can vary greatly.

Australian Shepherd running across grass.

Kidney Disease in Dogs And What You Need To Know

Kidney disease in dogs is quite common as dogs come into contact with toxins that can lead to kidney malfunction.

Young blue merle Australian Shepherd with white teeth.

The Importance of Dog Dental Cleaning

A dog dental cleaning can be one of the most important steps you can take to help maintain the health of your pet.

Australian Shepherds running with stick.

Dog Chewing Paws? What You Need To Know

A dog chewing paws is actually quite common and has several causes, but here are many you should be aware of.

Blue merle Australian Shepherd with bright blue eyes.

What To Do About A Dog Tooth Infection

A dog tooth infection is a very common and very painful condition. What are the signs and what can you do about it?

Australian Shepherd with black background.

What Causes Dog Flatulence And What Can You Do About It?

Dog flatulence is common, but what exactly causes it and is there anything you can do to reduce the dog farts?

Australian Shepherd puppy standing on beach.

Coping With Heatstroke in Dogs

Heatstroke in dogs can be a real concern as they don't have the same built in cooling system that humans do.

Australian Shepherd puppy blowing bubble gum.

A Dog Chewing Gum Can Be Lethal Due To Xylitol Toxicity

A dog chewing gum is never good. It can be deadly for dogs due to toxicity in shockingly small amounts of xylitol.

Australian Shepherd drinking water.

Signs and Symptoms of Dog Kidney Infection

A dog kidney infection can be a very serious issue. Be aware of the signs and symptoms you need to look out for.

Merle and red merle Australian Shepherds.

Do You Have A Problem With Your Dog Chewing Their Tail?

A dog chewing their tail or the area around the base of the tail is common but it can indicate a serious problem.

Canine Lymphoma Article: Photo of blue merle Australian Shepherd with black background.

Understanding Canine Lymphoma

Canine lymphoma is one of the more serious medical conditions that can plague dogs and affects the immune system.

Red merle Australian Shepherd taking a bow.

Facts About Dog Hip Dysplasia

Dog hip dysplasia is one of the most common conditions that veterinarians see. It is a skeletal disease can occur in any breed.

Australian Shepherd in field of daisies.

Identifying and Treating Dog Skin Allergy

Dog skin allergy is more common than you might think. Dogs can suffer from allergies just as humans do.

Australian Shepherd standing in stream

Hair Loss In Dogs: A Guide

Hair loss in dogs, or alopecia, is a relatively common complaint and, unfortunately, is difficult to prevent.

Dog bad breath

Understanding Dog Bad Breath

Dog bad breath is something almost every dog owner has experienced but can be a symptom of other health issues.

Dog wheel chair

Dog Wheel Chair Options Available

A dog wheel chair may not have been something you considered purchasing, but unfortunately, it can become necessary.

Wet Australian Shepherd running.

Physical Therapy for Dogs To Improve Recovery And Reduce Pain

Physical therapy for dogs is a relatively new approach that has gained a great deal of popularity in recent years.

Red tri Australian Shepherd with snowy background.

Cancer in Dogs: Know The Symptoms And Treatment Options

Cancer in dogs is very real and all too common. Nearly half of deaths in dogs over age 10 are caused by cancer.

Dog skin disease scabies.

Dog Skin Disease Is Very Common And Must Be Diagnosed Quickly

Dog skin disease is an extremely common occurrence given that there are over 160 skin disorders that affect dogs.

Australian Shepherd under blanket.

All About The ThunderShirt For Dogs

The ThunderShirt has become a very popular option in the treatment of anxiety in dogs since it came on the market.

Australian Shepherd appearing to smile showing front teeth.

Dog Toothpaste And What You Need To Know

Dog toothpaste is not just a quirky idea. It's a necessity to keep your four legged friend happy and healthy.

Dog Dental Health

Why Dog Dental Health Is Key

Dog dental health is essential to overall health and the sooner you make it part of your dog's overall health plan the better.

Portrait of Australian Shepherd puppy.

Do Puppy Vitamins Cause More Harm Than Good?

Puppy vitamins are a subject of much controversy, but are vitamins for puppies likely to do more harm than good?

Australian Shepherd running with dog toy.

Exercise Induced Collapse in Australian Shepherds

Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC) is a serious condition that affects many breeds including the Australian Shepherd.

Homeopathy remedy dripping onto spoon from dark bottle

Could Homeopathic Remedies For Dogs Be Dangerous?

Homeopathic remedies for dogs are becoming more popular but could homeopathy for dogs actually be dangerous?

Canine Hip Dysplasia And Dog Agility Training

Elbow Dysplasia Can Severely Affect Your Dog

Creating A Dog First Aid Kit

Ask A Veterinarian

Dog Prescription Errors

Pet Health Insurance

Dog Skin Problems

Constipation in Dogs

Diarrhea in Dogs

Dog Diarrhea Treatment

Australian Shepherd puppy laying on grass.

Is Your Dog Vomiting? A Look At Potential Causes

Dog vomiting can be a huge concern, especially in a young puppy. Learn more about the causes of vomiting in dogs.

Red merle Australian Shepherd Merlin

Dog Bladder Infection Can Indicate A Serious Problem

A dog bladder infection may not seem like an urgent problem but untreated it can turn into a serious health issue.

Urinary Tract Infection

Red tri Australian Shepherd puppy laying on grass.

Dogs and Chocolate and Other Dangerous Foods For Dogs

Dogs and chocolate are a bad mix. But why is chocolate so bad for dogs? And which other foods are dangerous for dogs?

IMHA (Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia)

Rattlesnake caution sign.

How To Treat A Dog Snake Bite

A dog snake bite can be one of the most serious health emergencies any pet owner can face. It's important for all owners to be aware of the dangers and know what to do if your dog is bitten by a snake.

Blue merle Australian Shepherd in field of yellow flowers.

Natural Dog Remedies: Can They Help Your Australian Shepherd?

Using natural dog remedies to cure dog health problems is very popular. There are plenty of natural remedies that most vets approve of, so let's look at some of the benefits of natural dog healthcare.

Hereditary Diseases

WARNING FOR AUSSIE OWNERS: Ivermectin for Dogs, Trifexis and MDR1 Gene Mutation
Is Rimadyl for Dogs Safe?
Arthritis in Dogs
Iris Coloboma
Collie Eye Anomaly
Persistent Pupillary Membranes
Hip Dysplasia
Autoimmune Diseases
Retained Testicles
Dental Faults
Patent Ductus Arteriosus
Patellar Luxation

Kya, a female double merle Australian Shepherd.

Lethal White (Homozygous or Double Merle) Australian Shepherds

So-called, lethal white Aussies, correctly known as homozygous or double merle, can have serious ear and eye issues.

Double merle Australian Shepherd/Collie mix, Dakota.

Double Merle Australian Shepherds And The Many Myths

Double merle Australian Shepherds (result of merle-to-merle breeding) have special needs but still make great pets.

Australian Shepherd puppy running followed by adult Aussie.

How To Manage Diabetes In Dogs

Diabetes in dogs is a growing concern. Do you know the signs and what you can do to prevent or manage dog diabetes?

Australian Shepherd with dog food.Diabetic Dog Food: Dealing With Canine Diabetes

Diabetic dog food is one of the tools for helping control diabetes in dogs, but which is best to manage symptoms?

Black tri Australian Shepherd laying under Oleander bush.

How Does Epilepsy In Dogs Affect Australian Shepherds?

Epilepsy in dogs can have serious consequences and is a condition Australian Shepherd owners should be aware of.

Image of the Rabies virus.

Protect Your Australian Shepherd From These Viruses and Bacteria

Learn about dog virus and bacteria pathogens like Rabies, Distemper, Parvovirus, and Kennel Cough. The more you know, the better equipped you are to protect the health of your Australian Shepherd.

Lyme Disease In Dogs

Lyme Disease In Dogs And Why You Need To Stay Vigilant

Why Lyme Disease in dogs is something you need to stay vigilant about. What should you do if you find a tick on your dog or tick bite site?

Close-up of tapeworm.Treating Worms In Dogs

Worms in dogs are parasites that can be very dangerous and it is important to understand the effect they can have.

3D illustration showing the head of a parasitic hookworm.

Hookworms Can Pose A Serious Threat To Your Australian Shepherd

Hookworms are a common parasitic worm (nemotode). Various species infect many mammals including dogs. Even though they are small, in large enough numbers they can pose a serious threat to your Aussie.

3D illustration of roundworms (Toxocara canis).

How Roundworms Pose A Threat To Your Australian Shepherd

Roundworms are very common and pose a serious threat to your Aussie. Learn about the life-cycle of this parasite, know the symptoms to watch for, and protect the health of your Australian Shepherd.

Image of several tapeworms (Dipylidium caninum).

Does Your Australian Shepherd Have Tapeworms?

Tapeworms can pose a serious threat to your dog so you need to know the signs. Learn about this parasite and the effective treatment options available to protect the health of your Australian Shepherd.

Realistic 3D rendering of a whipworm (Trichuris vulpis).

How Whipworms Can Affect Your Australian Shepherd

Learn more about how whipworms can affect your Australian Shepherd. While small they can have serious effects on the health of your Aussie and they can be more difficult to detect than other worms.


Close-up of flea.

Guide To Controlling Fleas

Fleas pose a serious threat to your dog. Learn about this parasite and protect the health of your Australian Shepherd.

Dog Safety Tips

Power poles and wires against blue sky.

Electrical Shocks Are A Silent Menace

Danger! Electrical Shocks! Voltage leaks are a silent menace everywhere and threatens you, your family, and your dog.

First Aid Dog Kits
Titer Test For Dogs
Dog Vaccinations

WARNING: MDR1 Gene Mutation Makes Many Drugs Dangerous For Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherds can have drug sensitivities as they frequently have a mutation of the MDR1 (Multi Drug Resistance 1) gene. This commonly causes toxicity from ivermectin (and many other drugs) an ingredient found in heartworm medications. It is always advisable to consult with your veterinarian before giving your Aussie any medications. Even over-the-counter medications can be toxic due to this increased sensitivity.

More information about Ivermectin and other drugs that can be dangerous for Australian Shepherds here.

Australian Shepherd Health Tips

You will want to keep items on hand to maintain your dogs health to prevent problems from developing. For example there are excellent products available to maintain healthy coat and skin, gums and teeth, ears, eyes, urinary tract and anal glands to name a few.

You are what you eat and so is your Aussie. Dogs can suffer from the same problems that arise from poor nutrition as we do. Cardiovascular and nervous system degeneration, obesity and diabetes affect dogs too. To ensure proper nutrition you should provide high quality supplements.

Research the food you are giving your Aussie. They are high energy dogs and need high quality food to ensure excellent condition.

The best thing you can do to ensure the well-being of your dog is to buy a healthy dog. That sounds ridiculously simple but is too often overlooked when the decision is made about where to get an Aussie. The goal of good breeders is to improve and maintain the quality and health of the breed and eliminate hereditary diseases inherent to Australian Shepherds.

Australian Shepherd

Maureen Kavanagh

Revel truly has the biggest smile when you get her picture on a sunny day. She spends her fun time doing hikes, agility, and sneaking on to the couch and bed when nobody is paying attention!

Don't overlook this vital first step. It may cost a bit more to get a healthy dog from a breeder but weighed against the lifelong vet bills and poorer quality of life for your pet it is just not worth it in the long run.

Preventing problems is always the best way to deal with diseases. Make sure you visit with your vet and have all vaccinations up to date. Don't risk unnecessary suffering and costs that can arise by neglecting to take the threat of viruses, bacteria, worms and parasites seriously. Again, taking your vets advise about preventative measures to avoid these problems will likely save you lots of money, and your Aussie plenty of misery, in the long run.

All the preventative measures in the world are sometimes not enough. Accidents happen and you will save yourself a lot of stress by being prepared. Pet health insurance for your Aussie can really be a life-saver (and wallet-saver) when unexpected vet bills come in.

Have a basic first aid kit handy. If you don't already have one I recommend getting one as soon as possible. Taking a first aid course and having a kit is just a good idea anyway.

Do you know the phone number to your vet or emergency veterinary clinic? Do you know the route to get there quickly? A good idea is to have these numbers posted in a handy location like the inside of a cupboad door or on the fridge so you know exactly where they are and don't have to search for them when you are faced with an emergency.

With prevention, knowledge and preparedness you should be able to completely aviod or effectively deal with any health issues that arise with your Australian Shepherd. There are also many natural and safe herbal remedies for pets that can help prevent and address health many common problems.

I wish you and your Aussie a long life of health and happiness. icon

Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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