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Help Me Find What My Aussie Is Mixed With

by Kristine
(Muskegon, Michigan, USA)

We have a 17 month Aussie Mix. He is quite big and is a blue merle color. We want to know if anyone can guess what he is mixed with?

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Would love another catahoula/aussie mix
by: Sue

We just lost our 12 yr old Catahoula-Australian Shepherd mix. My daughter had rescued this dog 7 yrs ago in Chicago. Best dog we ever had. I'm wondering if there are more of these wonderful dogs available?

Catahoula Aussie
by: Anonymous

Catahoula Aussie mix. Looks like our rescued boy.

by: Anonymous

Holy moly, he looks like my pup! Do you have a picture of him now full-grown? Mine is 7 months and I’d love to see a guesstimate on how big he’ll be.

Looks a lot like my pup
by: Chenoa Tice

Hello, I have a pup that looks a lot like him! I was wondering if you'd be interested in play dates? Just search my name up on Facebook!

by: Anonymous

I had your dogs twin. He was Aussie and Lab 100% certain. Check out Aussiedor face book pages to see a lot of them.

Not an Aussie
by: Anonymous

I do believe your dog is a Catahoula Leopard mixed with possibly a golden retriever.

Catahoula lab
by: Anonymous

This looks exactly like 9th month old puppy. She is said to be a catahoula lab mix. I know for a fact the mother is lab but the father is unknown for say. hes a mix for sure just the people I bought her from have never truly seen the dog up close. but their best guess was catahoula lab

Mine looks just like it
by: Anonymous

I think he's a lab mix. My aussie looks just like that (tho he is fat) and hes part lab.

Lab / Sheltie ?
by: Anonymous

I have a labrador / sheltie cross who looks identical to this dog! His tail also curls up and he is quite big. He has the same eyes as this dog too, and he's blue merle! Definitely looks like there's some labrador in there.

Aussie English Setter
by: Chris

I have a dog that looks EXACTLY like that and I know that mine is an Aussie English Setter mix.

Aussie mix
by: Anonymous

Your puppy is adorable with a face very much like our puppy. After losing our beloved Choc. Lab last August, we rescued an 8 wk old pup in Oct. who was thought to be a Border Collie/Lab mix. Vet recommended the Wisdom Panel dna test and learned "Andy" is 1/2 Aussie, 1/4 lab, and 1/4 White Swiss Shepherd. He behaves more like an Aussie than anything else. Knowing his breed info helped us research, understand, and provide a good quality of life for our very-active boy.

Retriever !!
by: MistyLab

Hey there !! To me , your dog look like its an Australian shepherd mixed with either Labrador or Golden Retriever . But if you really wan to know , get a DNA test . Hope I've helped


by: Kristine

Hello, I was wondering how I could upload a more current picture? He is now 2 years old and alot fuller then this picture.

Note from Anton: You can just email the new picture(s) to me and I can update it for you. Include the title of the page or the link to the main page in the email to make it easier for me to match up. You can email me at

aussie mix
by: Anonymous

From the picture you provided, I would guess Australian Shepherd, Golden Retriever mix. However, it is very hard to determine just based on one photo at 7 months. It would be much more helpful now that he is full grown to see a front and side view of him.

I have an Aussie mix with similar colors. It took him until he was three years old before he completely filled out and got his full length fur.

by: brit

I have a puppy same color and everything except her eyes r blu she has long hair just like in you pic of ur dog and same markings she is a luisiana cur/lab mix curs can have long hair just like an aussie but it is rare mine has long hair

DNA Test
by: Melissa

Did you get the test??

After guessing for years, I finally ordered a Heritage Quest DNA test for my mom's dog as a mother's day gift--it was so fun to finally find out what Ella was mixed with! We assumed German Shepherd/Lab, and were surprised to find out she was English Coonhound & English Setter! She looks just like an Anatolian Shepherd--you never know!!!

your Aussie could be mixed with...
by: Anonymous

I have a Blue Merle Aussie/Heeler cross and she looks nearly identical to your dog. Hope this helps :)

I think...
by: Anonymous

American Eskimo???

Aussie Mix
by: Anonymous

He looks to have a lot of aussie in him. My guess is a lab or a blue heeler. You can get a DNA test done to determine his background. He looks very sweet.

Alittle more info.
by: Anonymous

This picture was taken at the shelter where we got him from. He was 7 months old here. He is alot bigger and fuller now. He also has a big fluffy tail that curls up. We wish we knew what he is mixed with.

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