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What Breeds Are My Puppy?

I’m adopting a puppy from a farm and they were stated to be Border Collie/ Blue Heeler mixes. They were ALL born with bob tails, as the mom had one herself. The mom looks like a Border Collie (black and white) but she was very small, almost like the size of a Mini Aussie. The dad was much bigger, blue merle, and stated as to be the Blue Heeler mix (doesn't look like one, but also not sure what he really DOES look like.)

I was told the dad also helps with milking the cows since they lived on a dairy farm. He seemed very sweet with them when I went to see the puppies. Both parents were incredibly sweet and not hyper dogs which was surprising for herding breeds.

I’m including pictures of my puppy and her parents. Our puppy basically looks like a Blue Merle Aussie, but stated was a Border Collie so I’m not sure if they were just guessing what their dogs were or if they could be Border Collie/Aussie mix since they all the puppies were born with bob tails. The only fully tailed dog is the dad.

Just want to know what kind of mix she would be called when people ask haha.

Note from Anton: You can get a dog DNA test done that will tell you the breed. For example, check out the Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Kit.

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DNA tests
by: Marlene

It is very interesting getting the results of DNA tests on pups. There can also be some important medical information as well.

Seems more like a boarder colie and aussie
by: Dave and Molly

Not seeing the blue healer there so much myself but I sure do see Aussie in your puppy!

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