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My Sweet Texas Heeler Boy (Aussie-ACD Mix)

by Brie
(Tucson, Arizona)

All Grown Up!!

All Grown Up!!

One day, about two years ago in the summer of 2020, I fell in love with a precious chunky puppy at a friends' friend's house who was four weeks old. The breeders had 3 Texas Heeler boys left for sale, and I picked the cutest, most spunky and curious one of them all. I called him Braveheart Warrior (not after the Braveheart movie in case you are wondering, but because I love British kings' nicknames in general and my mother and I thought it up) and brought him home at eight weeks old.

He was, and is, a gift from God during the Covid pandemic.

He was such a darling, brave little puppy, always getting into things and tearing up stuff you would never think a puppy could, and we had to rescue him from getting his dear little head stuck in various spots. When he was about 6 months old, he started getting really, really hard to train, because he loved to bite everybody for fun (and it hurt!) and resource guarded almost everything he got his paws on. That stage soon passed, but only after he was neutered and well into his first year, and then he became the most loving, protective dog you could hope for.

Today, as of 7/31/2022, he is two years, one month, two weeks, and one day; loves my sister's ten-month-old puppy as if he were his blood son (he is actually Puppy Western's uncle in reality), and guards the house like his own castle.

Braveheart is truly a warrior at heart, and would do anything for his family and puppy Western. He never tries to run away from home, and whenever he gets out of the front yard, he only runs next door to see his doggie wife, Bella, or takes a short ramble down the sidewalk, always returning to retake his position as protector of the home.

He loves, loves, loves running on the grassy baseball field at our local park, playing fetch with his mommy, chewing bones, and play-fighting when Westy riles him up. He doesn't mind his mommy cuddling him when he's sleeping, though he surely used to and even bit her nose once!

He isn't afraid of anything—except water bottles, and finally got used to baths. He's my angel and my dog baby. He was sent straight to me from Heaven. He's my Baby Braveheart, and I love him... <3

Do you have a special story of how you got your wonderful Texas Heeler? Please share any in the comments!

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