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Dogtor Yakoo Goes SUVpacking

by Allan Shore

Happy eating day.

Happy eating day.

Our Aussie is mixed with three other breeds as far as we know. The only one we're certain of is a beagle. What we know for certain is that he's less than a year old and a double merlewonder. Like his brother, he's blind and deaf but these special needs are far surpassed by his special intelligence and caring, friendly personality.

We call him Dogtor Yakoo. We did this because it is self-evident that he has the pride and confidence that we might expect from a doctor or therapist who wants to make us better — better people and better dog lovers! Not to mention, he came dressed in a beautiful bright white caregiver's coat!

He has a new website called We are getting ready to go on a cross-country adventure to treat him to the breadths of the world he lives in. The trip is dedicated to refine his touch and tap commands so that we can make educational tools for others who adore blind and deaf furbabies. He thrives by experiencing new opportunities. Traveling will show dogs like him can be a magical role model for all

The good Dogtor Yakoo is in great shape. He's about 7 months old and weighs around 50 pounds. The road trip he's gonna take will be the source of the teaching materials we will produce to encourage others to love guys like him!

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Great learning experience for all of you!
by: GrandpaJohn

My blind rescue mixed breed is 13 years old & I learn from her ever day. She knows when I'm having a down day, when I'm sad & when I'm happy. And she is always there to help. It's almost as if she can read my mind! Good luck on your trip. I will look forward to reading about your experiences.

Keep Us Posted :)
by: Anton

That's great Alan! Best of luck to you and Dogtor Yakoo on your journey.

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