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Toy Aussie Poms?

by Christina

Lucy on Dec 31 2020

Lucy on Dec 31 2020

Hello all! Back story first. I had an amazing Australian Shepherd named Mr. Bojangles for 13 years, he was my soulmate. Unfortunately, I had to put him to sleep on my birthday 4 years ago and I was devastated. I was not ready to open my heart again to another dog until recently.

My parent's cat of 20-year-old passed away and a few months later they decided that it was time to fill their hearts and home with joy again. Their only request was that the dog be puppies (so they would have more time with them) and that they not be Chihuahuas (just not their favorite breed of dog—no offense to Chihuahua lovers).

So I got to work searching high and low for two small breed puppies—to no avail. So I decided to just cautiously look at what was out there on Craigslist. After a few days of searching, I finally came across someone looking to rehome two 5-month-old Toy Aussie Pom baby girls. Apparently their neighbor passed away and her dogs had puppies recently and the neighbor's family did not want to keep the puppies and gave the to them to keep or sell. So I half expect this to be a scam, so I fully prepared myself and set a date to meet them in the parking lot of the local police station. Everything checked out, but the woman kept saying "I love that they're going to stay small," to the point that it was awkward. But it was said and done and we had our two baby girls to take home. The family also sent us with a huge bag or toys and blankets and their most recent vet papers (first shots and deworming was done). On the papers it showed them to be 3 months old, not 5... why she would lie is beyond me.

Right away Lucy did not look an Aussie to me, but Ethel did and still does. But it didn't matter because they were sweethearts and we were (still are of course) in love. As the weeks went on, and they ate like starving beasts at each meal time, they grew and grew...

They are currently 4.5 months old and weighing in around 10 and 11 pounds each. My parents are starting to worry that they are going to be huge because their paws are really big. My brother came to see the dogs for the first time since they were really little and immediately said that Lucy looked like she was mixed with Pit for sure. I don't know she looks more ACD to me but I purchased the Wisdom Panel and sent in Lucy's swabs. I'll hear back in 2-3 weeks.

Either way they are beautiful, funny and sweet—learning not to bite (teething) and trying to be potty trained, but their mom and dad (my parents) don't want to kennel train them so that process is slower.

Anyway, I'll attach a few photos and y'all can tell me what you think. I also did that calculation where you take your puppies weight around 14 weeks and double it, then add half of the original weight to give you the max adult weight... which gives us 12.5 pounds, and they are probably at that weight as I type this. Are there any other "tests" to try and calculate their potential adult weight? Obviously it doesn't matter, just curious. :)

Thank you!


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adult weight
by: Anonymous

I am not sure if there are any tests, however, I do know it is likely your puppies will be under 20 pounds full grown. I have 2 Aussie poms, one is mixed with standard Aussie and Pomeranian and weighs 23 pounds and the other is mixed with Pomeranian and Toy Aussie and weighs 16 pounds. While it is unpredictable with mixed breeds, Aussies (especially Toys) and Pomeranians are both very small dogs and it would be very odd if your Aussie Pom weighed over 20 pounds.

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