Is My Aussie Mixed With Anything?

by Lindsay Zsoldos
(Atlanta Georgia)

This is Rocco and we rescued him about 9 years ago. We of course knew that he is partly Australian Shepherd with his blue merle color but he is bigger than most Aussies and has a tail. I might get a DNA test done so we can know for sure!

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DNA Testing
by: Anton

You can get the Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test Kit here.

Some Aussies do get quite big and they often do have tails. Some are born with natural bob tails (NBT) but most tails are docked.

by: Stew

Our Aussie was pure bred but large. He was around 80lbs his whole life and some Aussies are born with tails.

Looks 100% to me
by: Molly and Dave

Just from the angle I see a big Aussie. Our male is quite large to for the breed at 70#. As far as the tail goes most are removed in puppyhood anyway. Nice looking dog!

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