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Does My Aussie Look Like It's Mixed?

by Malovely

I purchased a puppy off of my local Craigslist. They showed me pictures of his 'parents', and told me he was pure bred with no papers. Initially we were set up for a meet and greet and to discuss behavioral habits, health, etc.

However, at last minute we meet at a public location after dark. They handed him to me, covered in baby powder and baby oil. It was suffocating. No information or documents offered or asked. I handed them the money, and took him home.

When we got home we bathed him, fed him, and did the best we could to comfort him. The next day we took him to the vet with our concerns, and his puppy pack. Turns out he was ill from an environmental contaminant, and had the pre-stages of pneumonia. He had fleas, and tested positive for round worm infestation. He's been treated, and is currently on medication.

He's already doing so much better. He's been a member of our family for 3 days now, and we are in love. Now that you have his backstory... to my question.

Does he look like a true Aussie? I feel like his fur is a bit shorter, along with the size of his muzzle. His blue merle coloring is very dark and dominates the majority of his body. None of this sways the way I feel about him. It is strictly from curiosity. Oh, he is 8 weeks old, and 6.3 lbs.

Comments for Does My Aussie Look Like It's Mixed?

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Looks like my dog
by: Anonymous

My dog is a Texas Heeler, which is an Aussie/Blue Heeler mix. This could be his puppy photo, nearly identical.

by: Anonymous

Please post an update on your baby! Is he okay?!

by: Anonymous

How is sweet Titan? Just saw this as I have adopted an adorable mix of Aussie and unknown. Pray your baby is fully recovered.

Our pups look alike
by: Lmclendon

OH MY GOSH. I just got a mixed puppy. I’ve been trying to figure out what he is. He looks IDENTICAL to your puppy! The daddy for sure has Pit in him. I’m not sure about the mama. What does your baby look like now?

Same situation
by: Anonymous

I also had purchased an "Australian Shepherd " and she doesn't really look like a purebred we think she is mixed and paid $150 for her they didn't tell us they docked her tail completely off. She has no tail at all and she was covered in dandruff. I'm torn because even though she is super sweet and all but I paid for an Australian Shepherd puppy. I wanted a small furball puppy and this puppy is already 4 months old and they didn't train her at all. So not only did we not get a puppy but we have to house train her. My husband is so upset he thought we were getting a pure Shepherd that will grow to have long thick hair.

by: Kathy

Your puppy is so adorable Looks mixed but hard to tell If you want do a DNA test called Wisdom Panel sold on-line all you have to do is swab inside of both left and right side of gums and send swabs in takes about 2-6 weeks to receive when you received results whatever you do enjoy your pup..he's a keeper

by: Lara

He is an adorable boy. Prayers for him and you. Hope he can get through the parvo. It's so sad and needless. He is so lucky to have you, you rescued him.
Best of luck! Keep us posted on how he is doing.

by: Anonymous

Looks like he's mixed with ACD. I've had several acd/border/aussie mixes. Great dogs.

by: Terece

He's adorable, I feel he's a mix, his head looks a little too square to me but he'll probably have a wonderful personality, be very intelligent and very lucky to have a home with you. People should be honest, a mix Aussie is still a great pet! Have fun with him.

by: Anonymous

Looks pure to me. This is the way my dog looked

Not a purebred
by: Chris

He's totally adorable, but not a pure Aussie.
His blue Merle coat is gorgeous, but you can tell by his short snout and ears that he has some bully breed in him. Probably pit or boxer. I have a Golden Retriever / Aussie mix. In my opinion mixed breeds have way better temperament. Good luck!

Thank you
by: Malovely

I appreciate all the wonderful feed back. I do anticipate his white markings to recede. Also, its very hard to see, but he has ever so lightly tinted brown/copper(?) hair on his head that fades back to a point on the back of his neck. I expect that to come out more as he gets older as well. I am not familiar with many dog breeds, but after some research I knew that I wanted the traits found in Australian Shepherds for family's first dog. Honestly, I don't care if he's part poodle at this point. Lol I was simply curious. We love him, and are blessed to have him. If its not to much to ask for, all I would like now are prayers for my little guy. Turns out he was much more sick when we got him than we realized. We took him back to the vet in fear of relapse, only to find our greatest fear come true. Our Titan also has parvo.

pure aussie?
by: Anonymous

I believe that is an Aussie or Cattle Dog/Mix. The snout and head are NOT typical purebred Aussie and are too squared.

The coloring could be an Aussie, but could also be an Australian Cattle Dog- and they do have a squarer head/snout.

It's wonderful that you have added this pup to your family!

Mix? doesn't matter.
by: Anonymous

Wow under the circumstances that you bought him, and he was given to you, probably, but that's not really important. i just hope he wasn't stolen ( sorry.). If he want chipped, and he's yours now, love him to pieces, and be rewarded by his love and devotion to you in return. Hope he's going to be ok, health wise.

by: Anonymous

Snout makes it look mixed to me as does the short hair. Maybe heeler or pit. Adorable!

Mix or full Aussie
by: Anonymous

He's cute but not a full Aussie. He's blessed you got him and are taking such wonderful care of him. Bless you.

My guess is Yes...
by: Dave Rosowski

1st off.. every Aussie pattern is different.

One thing that 80%+ aussies have are white socks/boots of some sort. Which hers does.

Another thing is that Aussie puppies' patterns and colors change, stretch over time. so those white toes might end up being short socks.

If you were to assume that this dog is not going to change over time, then you might think that is an not an aussie but a blue heeler which it's completely not.

you also cant go by tails either, some are long and some are short.

My advise, it doesnt matter. its a little heart breaker. It doesnt have papers, so you cant do anything with it. If you just "need" to know, there are DNA tests. I would personally pray it is a mutt, because it got the best of both gene pools.

this might be the final product when it goes up:

Blue Merle Australian Shepherd

by: Jen

He looks like he could be pure. Pic don't always do justice but you have to keep in mind that the person was probably a backyard breeder due to the conditions of pup. No real info on parent or quality. " All about Aussie" is one of the few great books available w/ info and will have descriptions as per AKC/ASCA standards among other stuff. You can also find plenty free online descriptions too. Colors can range. I have seen Blue Merle Aussies before that did not have any visible brown or white markings (at some of the asca shows). As far as the tail... Some people choose not to bob them (which was probably a good thing they didn't noting the condition).

by: Anonymous

Aussies come in a variety of marbled looks and their heads are very diff as a puppy vs adult size. It doesn't matter, just keep loving your pup.

We have 2 that have papers and look very diff from each other although they have the same dad. We don't care....Aussies are awesome.

by: Joe

He does look mixed With cattle dog and aussie or maybe even border collie. Either way its a good looking dog and lucky for him he found a loving home not like the people who breed them like that and dont care about the dog itself. Its a shame I breed dogs but all of my puppies come from a home that cares about them and would rather find them a great home more than anything. Lucky you and lucky him.

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