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What Is My Australian Shepherd Mixed With?

by Laura Gordon
(Mount Prospect, IL)

Hello! I adopted a 4-month-old female from a local shelter and was wondering what she could be mixed with? TIA!!!

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Aussie Mix
by: Laura Gordon

I adopted her at a rescue in Chicago - she and her brother were found on the side of the road in Mississippi and sent up north. She has two bright blue eyes and a curled up tail, and the rescue labeled her as a mix, so maybe Husky? We'll see - she's so sweet!!! Thanks!

Mix? Maybe not
by: Anonymous

I just had a litter of pure bred registered Mini Aussies, and there is a red pinto in the litter. I tried unsuccessfully to attach his picture here. Your dog’s color pattern is referred to as a red pinto, a red piebald, or a red spotted dominant white. My pups hair appeared (he’s been adopted this week) fluffier, but he’s still a young puppy with hair subject to change, and your dog may be a short-haired rough coat Aussie. A lot of people would say these dogs are unacceptable because they have too much white. Did you get yours at an animal shelter? It’s possible that he was given up by a breeder for that reason. However, my "Dominoe" was the first in my litter to be adopted over red merles and black tris. I think he’s adorable, and he’s making someone very happy right now. Your dog may be a mix, but really the only way to have any idea is maybe to ask your vet. Regardless, Love that dog, and he will love you unconditionally for life, regardless of his genetics. Good luck.

Maybe pure aussie
by: Anonymous

I just had a litter of mini aussies and had a red pint or piebald that looked identical to her. He may have had more white than her, but he had the red pinto patterning, and he was the product of a blue merle and red tri pure bred Miniature Australian Shepherds. I wish I could attach a picture here to show you. So your pup may be a pure Aussie too, but either way, he will probably make a great companion.

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