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This Is Lucy! She's 2 Years Old and Definitely an Aussie Mix. (Unknown Crossed Mix)

by Andrew Blair
(Minnesota, USA)

Lucy is an absolute blessing for me. I got her from a rescue when she was just 6 weeks old. She was just a little fur ball that quite literally fit in the palm of my hand. It was love at first sight for her and I.

She opted to ride in the hood of my sweatshirt on my neck for her first ride home. It was as if we already had an unspoken bond and mutual respect for one another. I would really love to find out what her other mix breed is.

All that was known about her at the time of adoption was that she came from a Native American reservation in Utah. I don't know how she ended up making the trip north to Minnesota, but I sure am glad she did! She came into my life at a time when I was struggling to rebuild a new, healthier, and better self, as I was dealing with the consequences from my past choices that ended down a path of addiction, and crime. I was barely holding myself together mentally, as I was released from a lengthy stay in state prison just a few months before I met Lucy.

I'm sorry I was not expecting to get emotional and share all of this when I started to tell you about my Aussie. She is more than just a pet to me. She quite literally saved me, and has been such a blessing to me and my family. I honestly feel like she saved my life and mental fortitude. I will always owe her a debt of gratitude, and I'm so overjoyed to have her as a companion. She's my angel.

I love being able to watch her grow up. She has so much energy, always happy, very curious, she has a wonderful temperament with other dogs, of all sizes and ages. She's wonderful with people, and absolutely loves any and all attention she can get! She loves going for our daily walks, and when we take a stroll near the lake, so she can splash around and take a swim, shes a pro at playing fetch, and she's great at making friends when we do our weekly trip to the dog park.

I'm sure I'm not perfect in raising her, but I am truly giving her my best me and effort! I feel like she has some difficultly with separation anxiety at times, when it comes down to her being home alone or away from myself or sometimes if the whole family is not together. She definitely has the herding instinct.

I am definitely going to look into finding out her other breeding half, I hope it's not too expensive, but I owe it to her. I'll get it done in due time I'm sure of it! I honestly can't tell just from looking at her! If only it were that easy. I have 5 probable decent guesses I could make. Lol.

Anyways, thank you for letting me share my princess and a little bit about myself. Here are a few pictures of her they're pretty recent they're just what I have off hand on my phone.

Thanks again.

Comments for This Is Lucy! She's 2 Years Old and Definitely an Aussie Mix. (Unknown Crossed Mix)

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This is Lucy
by: Rebecca

Don't worry about what Lucy is mixed with. Obviously her Aussie breed is dominant. Aussies definitely understand you when you speak to her with love in your voice. I often top my leaving with a treat and say I'll be back. My Jodi, who is now 14 years old, (after getting her at 6 weeks) always responds without any whining.
Enjoy Lucy and appreciate any companionship and intelligence she can show you.

Aussie Mixed with other breeds
by: Dianne

I'm not writing about ideas for other breeds, but you mentioning about separation anxiety reminded me of our Festus.
We got him in the summer as a baby and when the kids went back to school, he cried and cried. He watched them get on the bus and thought they were leaving him, I'm sure.
I told the kids to tell him they were going to school but that they would be back later and for him to be a good puppy. He watched them get on the bus, but didn't cry. He was his usual happy self for the rest of the day but was overjoyed when that bus pulled into the yard.
Now when we leave (the boys are grown and gone), we tell him that we're going to be gone awhile (a few hours), or that we'll be gone for a bit, to be a good boy and that "Momma and Daddy love him very much". It works great for us, hopefully it'll work as well for you.
P.S. You don't have to be a perfect pet parent for her to love you, she loves you just as you are.

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