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Australian-Shepherd-Lovers.com Newsletter #010

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Keep Your Aussie Healthy to Keep Vet Bills Down!

Some people believe they are saving money by not providing their Aussie with good quality food, dietary supplements and a proper grooming regimen. The fact is that these short-term savings will cost you and your Aussie in the long run. For example, by providing a high quality nutritional supplement you can help prevent cancers that are becoming increasingly prevalent among dogs. It is far preferable to prevent cancer with good nutrition than to pay for expensive treatments or risk dramatically reducing your Aussies lifespan and quality of life. Good grooming starts from the inside out and is an essential part of your Aussies overall health and well-being.

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In This Issue:

- Tell Us About Your Aussie - Create a Page All About Your Aussie!

- Our New Photo Montage Video Featuring Your Aussies!

- Home Pet Grooming - Preventative Health Care Starts with Good Nutrition

- Canidae Dog Food Formula Change

- 6 Day Dog Training Course Written by a Professional Trainer

- How to Earn an Income from Your Hobbies!

- Dog Quote for Today

Tell Us How Aussome Your Aussie Is!

Create a page all about your Aussie and add your best photograph. Do you have a great story about your Australian Shepherd? Want to tell the world how wonderful they are? Tell us about your Aussie's quirks, tricks they can do, their accomplishments or just why you love 'em sooo much! Share your story! (And don't forget to add your best pic.) How Aussome is Your Aussie?

>> Submit Your Story and Photo Here (and read other stories too)

Our New Photo Montage Video Featuring Your Aussies!

We have received so many wonderful photos of Aussies from Readers that we decided to start a series of video montages. Right now we are featuring the video on our home page here but if you would like to watch the high quality version you can check it out on YouTube here. If you watch it on YouTube please rate the video (5 Stars if you like it!) and be sure to subscribe to our channel (AustralianShepherd1) so you will be notified when new videos are added.

>> Check It Out on YouTube Here

Save on Vet Bills with Home Pet Grooming

You can save money by doing most of your grooming yourself. Of course grooming is about more than just looking good. It's part of preventative health care for your Australian Shepherd. Taking good care of your Aussie's coat, ears, eyes, nails, pads, teeth, etc. not only helps to keep your Aussie healthy and happy it will help to save you money on vet bills in the long run.

Good health and grooming starts from the inside out! To ensure the health of your Aussie make sure to always provide the highest quality dog food and nutritional supplements. We also recommend using 100% natural remedies to maintain good health whenever possible.

You can get a special report on dog food here as well as learn about one of the best nuturitional supplements available. (It was developed by Dr. Andrew Jones, a practicing veternarian.) One of the most essential elements in your dog's health is good nutrition! Make sure your Aussie is getting proper nutrition and help prevent serious diseases like cancer. Proper nutrition and grooming will save you in the long run and will give your Aussie a longer, better quality of life.

Start a preventative maintenance plan today. Use natural products as part of your grooming regimen and make sure to provide proper nutritional supplements. We all know this is true but too often we neglect to take action until after it is too late. Plan your grooming program and make good nutrition and dietary supplements an essential part of your Aussies life starting today!!! Your Aussie (and your wallet) will thank you in the long run.

>> Read Our New Article on Grooming Here
>> Natural Health and Grooming Products
>> Recommended Nutritional Supplement (and Dog Food Report)

Canidae Dog Food Changes Formula

A few months back Canidae Dog Food changed their formula. We have had reports of Australian Shepherds having loose stools as a result. We contacted Canidae for further information and they provided these links:


Of course they recommend switching to the new food gradually over a course of at least a week if possible. However, Canidae says that loose stools should stop shortly thereafter as your dog becomes used to the new food.

If your Australian Shepherd has continued to have loose stools that have not gone away after switching to the new Canidae Dog Food formula let us know. If this is still happening in a large number of cases we will pass this information along to Canidae. Provide as much information as possible about the transition, how long it has been a problem and the specific product you are feeding.

>> For More Information on Dog Nutrition

6 Day Dog Training Course Written by a Professional Trainer at No Cost to You

Professional Dog Trainer Daniel Stevens, creator of the "Secrets to Dog Training" program is offering a 6 Day Mini Course at no cost to you. This course covers selected training methods and behavior fixing methods that are used in Secrets to Dog Training. The 6 Day Course will Teach YOU Secrets to Correcting Dog Behavior Problems Using REAL-LIFE scenarios.

I highly recommend you take Daniel up on his offer. You will learn valuable tips you can put to use with your Aussie right away!

>> You Can Get Daniel's 6 Day Course Here

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Dog Quote for Today

When dogs leap onto your bed, it's because they adore being with you.
When cats leap onto your bed, it's because they adore your bed.

- Alisha Everett


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Anton and Levi


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