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Australian-Shepherd-Lovers.com Newsletter #012

Hello <>,

It's Starting to Feel a Lot Like Summer

As we get into the swing of the summer months we can enjoy more time outdoors with our Aussies. You know they will be up for it! I've added a couple of things to the site since our last newsletter. You can find more information about a dog food company that goes the extra mile to ensure freshness and quality. I've also added a Rainbow Bridge Aussie Memorial section. It's not something we like to think about but I wanted to have a place where we could honor and remember our beloved Aussies. Finally, the stories submitted by readers about their Aussies continues to be a source of inspiration. Be sure to read the new submissions as well as our feature story this month.

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In This Issue:

- Best Food For Your Aussie

- Rainbow Bridge Aussie Memorial

- Your Aussome Aussie Stories

- Dog Quote for Today

What's the Best Dog Food For Your Aussie

There are so many different kinds of dog food on the market in a wide range of quality that it's hard to know what is even safe to feed your Aussie. As you know Australian Shepherds are high energy dogs and they especially need an excellent quality of food to keep them healthy. We decided to take a look at one dog food company that takes the quality of its products and the health of your Aussie seriously.

>> Learn How This Dog Food Company is Different and Why You Should Give Them a Try

Rainbow Bridge Aussie Memorial

We love our Aussies so much, one of the hardest things we will ever have to do is to say good-bye to them. I have created a Rainbow Bridge Aussie Memorial section for those who have lost a beloved Aussie. I hope that the process of writing a memorial for your Aussie will help ease the pain and allow you to share with others how much they meant (and still mean) to you.

>> Rainbow Bridge Aussie Memorial

Your Aussome Aussie Stories

If you haven't submitted your Aussie's story and picture yet -- what are you waiting for?! Our new website feature makes it easy to create your own page about your favorite Aussie!

Here's another expample of the great stories shared by other Australian Shepherd Lovers...
>> My Gorgeous Guy Jake -- Who's Rescuing Who?

>> Submit Your Aussie's Pic and Story!

Dog Quote for Today

"If my dog is barred by the heavenly guard
We'll both of us brave the heat!"

- W. Dayton Wedgefarth

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Until Next Time...

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We love to hear from fellow Australian Shepherd Lovers like you. Send us your ideas, your feedback and photos/stories of your Aussie so we can include them on the site.

All the Best and Woof!

Anton and Levi

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