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My Gorgeous Guy Jake

by Catherine
(Seattle, WA)

Jake checks the back yard

Jake checks the back yard

I got Jake from a rescue Aussie organization a little over a year ago. The same weekend I brought him home, my Dad died. I had to return Jake for a week as we flew back for the funeral.

Jake is a special dog in many ways -- he is smart, spunky, intelligent, cuddly and naturally agile, gracefully leaping over anything in his path including our cats. But he also has helped me so much with the hard year since I lost my dear Dad.

Jake came to the rescue organization at about 1 year old, starved and flea ridden. He weighed 20 pounds at most and when the rescue worker let him out the first time, he was so weak that he fell over. I have some pictures of them from that time: he is a spine with fur. He was fed back to health by the time I adopted him but at that time was also a frightened and worried dog. I could tell he had been mistreated too: he was so afraid of tall young men with baseball caps, and cowered the one and only time he had an accident in our house (due to me not understanding his whining to be let outside) as if he expected a beating. I look now at my confident handsome boy and cannot believe how far we have both come in 13 months.

We are in beginning agility class, where Jake does well, and he has also learned many tricks: high five, shake, roll over, play dead, sit pretty, get it, park it, etc. etc. He is my running and walking buddy and my joy.

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Getting over fear of men
by: Jake's "owner"

Jake is a lot better with all guys including the tall thin variety, since I started handing any guy who approached delicious treats for Jake. Now Jake looks for his payout!

by: Jordan

My Aussie also has problems with taller, younger guys. She always disappears when our neighbor is around. I tried to get her to stand still so he could pet her and she tried to attack him and didn't trust me all day. It really upset me because we are really close.

Your Jake and My Sadie
by: Christina

I just want you to know that your Guy Jake is beautiful. I have a much similar story. I rescued a red merle Aussie about 6 years ago and within a 4 month period I lost my Cocker Spaniel who had been such a loving companion and travelled with me for 10 years. Then 2 months to the day my husband passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. All I had was my Sadie. She was a life saver. She also had been abused, doesn't like men, cowers at wide brimmed hats and is often meek and timid. She stays by my side like I am her protector. She is wonderful and owe her my life. Good luck to you and your Gorgeous Jake, cherish him as they are such wonderful dogs.

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