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Australian-Shepherd-Lovers.com Newsletter #030

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Lots To Tell You About!

The news you may have heard about is that veterinarian, Dr. Andrew Jones, has resigned his veterinarian practice after a long battle with the BC Veterinary College. But the good news is that this will directly benefit you. More info below.

Last time I put out a call for article submissions and I'm happy to report that several readers have shared their knowledge and experience. Thanks to Marcia Voorhees, Kathy Petersen and Gayle Silberhorn whose articles are now featured on the website (more info below). If you are thinking about sending in an article I hope you will seriously consider becoming a contributing writer and have your article(s) published on Australian-Shepherd-Lovers.com. You will (of course) receive a byline credit and if you have a website or offer products or services (like grooming, training, breeding, etc) your article will also include a link to your website. But you don't have to have a website... this is open to everyone who wants to join in. Articles can be about anything of interest to Aussie owners, Agility, Flyball, Therapy, Rescue, Herding, Show... you name it. If you have an idea for an article or have any questions please email me directly at anton@australian-shepherd-lovers.com.

Last month I featured Best Bully Sticks for Dogs and I see that many of you have given them a try (or I should say your Aussies have). This month I noticed comments and questions about the FURminator deShedding tool popping up in the Q & A Forum so I've also updated the FURminator review page.



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In This Issue:

- Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM Resigns (and how that benefits you!)

- New Articles by Our Contributing Writers

- Featured Products and Reviews

- Photo of the Month

- Australian Shepherd Events

- Dog Quote for Today

Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM Resigns (and how that benefits you!)

After a long battle with the BC Veterinary College over information Dr. Andrew Jones was making available through his website and pet health programs he has decided to resign from his veterinary practice. He has more information about what transpired on his website.

This is going to be of benefit to you as he is now devoting himself full-time to his online venture and is making all of his material availabe through his new member area (online). He is launching his NEW Inner Circle Pet Healing System. There is an incredible amount of health information here that no Aussie owner should be without (see below).

For a LIMITED TIME you can get full access to a 30 Day Trial of the Inner Circle Pet Healing System for only $1 so you can try it out and see for yourself. (You can cancel at any time.)

He is also offering special bonuses during this promotion including a Live Pet Health Webinar that will be available to the first 250 clients only.

****Deadline – 12 PM, Monday, Feb. 14, 2011

Don't Miss Out! I recommend that you at least take advantage of his $1 offer while it's available... (why not!)
Visit his site for more info...

PLUS – Dr Andrew Jones, DVM has 3 videos PLUS a report he'd like to give you – no cost to you.
Grab your copy here.

Dr Jones' Inner Circle Pet Healing System includes:

1. 4 Introductory Step by Step Video Tutorials
2. Veterinary Secrets Revealed
3. Pet First Aid Secrets
4. OVER 30 Holistic Pet Healing Videos
5. Pet Food: Advised Food List, Home Recipes
6. 12 RECORDED Pet Health Phone Seminars
7. Pet Health Question and Answer Section
8. The ‘Veterinary Code” and Pet Food Recall
9. OVER 10 Special PET HEALTH Reports
10. Dog Health and Behavior LIBRARY
11. Cat Health and Behavior LIBRARY
12. SELECTED Veterinary Articles
13. A NEW "Pet Health Cures" Inner Circle Video UPDATED every month!

If you have been wanting to try some of Dr Jones' natural at home remedies, but the price has held you back, NOW you can...

>> 30 Day Trial for only $1

>> 3 Videos PLUS Report

New Articles by Our Contributing Writers

As I mentioned, I've had a terrific response from readers who have sent in articles to share their knowledge and experience with others. Hope you enjoy reading them...

Therapy Dog Training: Australian Shepherds As Therapy Dogs
By Gayle Silberhorn
Getting Started With Therapy Dog Training? Therapy dog training takes dedication but is well worth the effort for everyone concerned. Learn more about training therapy dogs and how you and your dog can get involved.

Agility Dog Training Class Escapades with Marcia and Tex
By Marcia Voorhees
Interested In Dog Agility Training? Join Marcia and Tex as they begin their dog agility training escapades.

The Recipe That Makes Up An Australian Shepherd
Kathy Petersen of Rockland Aussies
The recipe to make an Australian Shepherd is simple really – a dash of loyalty, a sprinkle of unconditional love and a pinch of devotion and admiration.

Featured Products and Reviews

Last time I featured Best Bully Sticks for Dogs and I see that many of you have given them a try (or I should say your Aussies have). This month I noticed comments and questions about the FURminator deShedding tool popping up in the Q & A Forum so I've updated the FURminator review page. A new version is available that features a FURejector button that cleans and removes loose hair from the tool with ease.

They have models for short and long hair dogs. Long hair is for Aussies as it is longer than 2 inches. The FURminator also comes in various sizes. Medium and Large are recommended for adult Aussies depending on the size:

Long Hair Large Dog deShedding Tool
For long hair dogs 51-90 lbs 4” edge designed for coats longer than 2”

Long Hair Medium Dog deShedding Tool
For long hair dogs 21-50 lbs 2.65” edge designed for coats longer than 2”

>> FURminator deShedding Tool

>> Best Bully Sticks for Dogs

Photo of the Month

Considering the weather lately (snow, snow and more snow) this is the perfect photo of the month from reader Brandi Sawicki from Pasco, WA, of her blue merle female, Milka. This photo was taken at White Pass, WA of Milka having a blast in the white stuff.

>> Australian Shepherd Photo of the Month

Australian Shepherd Events

Needles Animal Shelter

Coming Saturday April 2, 2011 – from 10 am to 2 pm

A fundraiser to benefit the Needles Animal Shelter to be held at Jack Smith Park in Needles, Ca.

This Event Will Feature 3 Dog Show Classes, CHP K9 Unit Demo, Las Vegas Dock Dogs Demo(s), Agility Training Demo(s), Learn “ Fitness with Fido”, Live Folk Music Band, Rummage sale, Raffle Tickets: 50/50 and other great prizes, Refreshments & Food for sale.

If you will be in the area then be sure to check it out. If you would like to participate and put on a demo with your Aussies contact Deanna or Denise for more information.

Contacts: Deanna Johnson/Denise Green 760-326-4952
Email: needlesanimalcontrol@yahoo.com

Dog Quote for Today

"No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich."

~ Louis Sabin


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