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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

The Recipe That Makes Up An Australian Shepherd

By Kathy Petersen of Rockland Aussies

The recipe to make an Australian Shepherd is simple really – a dash of loyalty, a sprinkle of unconditional love and a pinch of devotion and admiration. That is what goes into the Australian Shepherd.

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Ever had a terrible day? Of course right? The boss got smart with you, the employees wanted to do whatever they wanted, you left things at home you were supposed to have with you, forgot to do a report or meet a deadline, etc. Your day just seemed like it could not get any worse! Then, you arrive home, open your door and step in… there you are greeted by complete bliss from your Australian Shepherd. He is bouncing around, happy to see you like you have been gone for 10 years! It puts a smile on your face right? Makes you feel better right?

I remember being a little girl (as young as I can remember) and telling my mother that “I have love for babies and dogs but, not so much for humans”. I guess I did not consider babies to be human, as a little girl. LOL. The way I thought about it was babies were helpless and had to deal with whatever their mothers and fathers did. Puppies and kittens were helpless and at the mercy of their owners. I did not feel babies or animals had choices.

Rockland Australian Shepherds

Kathy Petersen — Rockland Aussies

Ryan Creek's Chancealot at Rockland – Rockland Australian Shepherds

Even as an adult, I feel more compassion for children and animals as they do not make their own choices but, are at the mercy of their “owners”. They eat when and what they are given, they go out when told to; they get put in their crates when told to, and on and on. Adults make their own choices. Now with maturity, I do feel compassion for my fellow “humans” but, still feel that special tug at the heartstrings from children and dogs. It is a deep understanding and love.

My Aussies seem to have an “emotional radar” that can sense my moods. If I am sad, they place their head on me and want to be right with me. If I am mad, they are quiet and just lay nearby incase I may need them. If I am happy, they are full of themselves and put on “shows” for me to amuse me.

Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

The Australian Shepherd is like no other breed with their intelligence, intuitiveness, alertness, their emotional radar, unconditional love and utter devotion to their owners. We “humans” have a lot we can learn from the Australian Shepherds in that they do not worry about mistakes of yesterday, they live in the moment and are not so focused on the future. They can teach us about humanity as well by their devotion and unconditional love. “Human” love can come with conditions and you can bicker with a loved one who may not speak to you for a while….with Aussies you can scold them and they come running and jump back in your lap the next moment!

What can you “learn” about life and humanity from your Australian Shepherd? What do you do to “give” back to your dear devoted friend who is always willing to give you emotional support, love, understanding, lend an ear when you need to talk and give you complete companionship? (Makes you think right?) icon

Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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