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November 10, 2015

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Hi Everyone,

Aussies tend to be nippers, which comes out of their herding instinct. Naturally, there have been a lot of questions about how to deal with this when it is unwanted and directed at other pets or people. This can be a particularly disconcerting problem when it involves children. It is best to deal with this behavior problem sooner than later and is the topic of our latest article What To Do About Dog Biting And Nipping.

Another issue that should be dealt with sooner than later is the decision to get appropriate pet insurance. That's why PetPlan Pet Insurance is the Featured Product this month. You can use our affiliate link to get a quote here. Armed with that information you can decide if getting insurance or having an emergency fund that you manage yourself is the best way to go for you. Don't do it the way I did—having neither and scrambling around for money after a big vet bill hits. A vet once held my dog hostage until I could borrow the money I needed from a family member!

Want to write an article for the website? We are always looking for contributors who would like to share their experience with other Aussie Lovers. Do you know about training, herding, dog sports or anything else of interest to our readers? Don't see information on the site about it or think you could add your enthusiastic voice about a particular topic? Contact me and let me know what you have in mind!


~ Anton

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Photo of the Month

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Aussie Rescue

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New Article

Australian Shepherd HerdingWhat To Do About Dog Biting And Nipping
Is your dog biting and nipping due to herding instinct? How to successfully stop this unwanted behavior in your dog.

Australian Shepherd Photos

Reader's Aussies—Create a Page About Your Aussie

The Love Of "Aussie"

(WARNING: The following link contains DISTURBING IMAGES)
Frontline Plus is Poisonous to Some Pets

How Aussome Is Your Aussie? Why not tell us about them?! Create a page all about your Aussie and include up to 4 photos!

>> Create a Page About Your Aussie Here

Photo of the Month

Australian Shepherd Photo of the Month  

This photo of Merlin enjoying the snow is from Jackie Hamilton of Sugarbush, NY, USA.

>> Australian Shepherd Photo of the Month

Help Us, Help You, Help Your Aussie...
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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care For those of you who are not familiar with our ebook "Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care," it is a guide that has proven popular with our readers and even includes hundreds of photos submitted by fellow Aussie Lovers like you.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the project with photo submissions and purchases of the ebook as it not only gives you the information you need, but it's one of the ways that helps us to be able to keep doing what we do.

Thanks again for being part of our Aussie Community and supporting our efforts!

~ Anton

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Cartoon of the Month

Australian Shepherd Cartoon by Anton Hout

Featured Product

Have You Been Putting Off Getting Pet Insurance?

Why not take a minute and get a free quote? Customize a pet insurance policy to fit your budget and get an automatic 5% discount on your dog's health insurance just for enrolling online.

Get a Quote for PetPlan Pet Insurance

Aussie Rescue

>> Rescue Listings Page

>> Aussie Rescue Organizations

Australian Shepherd Breeders

Calling All Breeders—If you are an Australian Shepherd breeder please make sure your listing is up to date. I have made many improvements to the Premium Listings (and dramatically reduced the annual subscription). Whether you opt for that or want to continue with a free listing I still need to hear from you. You can find out more at the following link or email me if you have any questions.

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