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Australian Shepherd Lovers Newsletter -- Nip Problems In The Bud
May 17, 2016

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Nip Problems in the Bud,
Before They Come Back to Bite You...

Illustrations from New Aussie Ebook
The new expanded version of the ebook features tons of
great Aussie photos, illustrations, and cartoons!

Whether it's health issues or problem behaviors, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Too often I get emails from Aussie owners who didn't see the warning signs or weren't even aware that something could develop into a problem.

It's always better to get an overview of potential problems so you know what to be on the lookout for, and know what to do about them, before they become serious. Our Official Ebook Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care was designed with just that in mind.

Whether problems are just getting started, are already an issue, or you just want to avoid as many problems as possible, the new expanded version of the Guide will help you even more.

Guide To Australian Shepherd Training and CareKeep in mind that the Guide not only gives you a solid foundation of knowledge but it also helps support our efforts so we can keep bringing you the Aussie community and website (thousands of pages and almost a decade in the making) because I never stop trying to make things better!

Get Your Copy of the New Expanded Ebook Guide Here...


~ Anton

In This Issue:

Aussie News

New Articles

Photo of the Month

Cartoon of the Month

Featured Product

Aussie Rescue

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Aussie News

Can You Help? University of Florida Seeks
Australian Shepherds for Health Study

Scientists at the University of Florida's Gainesville Small Animal Hospital are searching for healthy and allergic Australian Shepherds for a study investigating whether gut bacteria are a factor in allergic skin disease (atopic dermatitis) in dogs. Atopic dermatitis is increasingly common in dogs and is difficult and expensive to treat.

This study will compare fecal bacteria and gut permeability in 10 healthy Australian Shepherds which have no history of skin or gut problems and 10 Aussies diagnosed with seasonal or non-seasonal/non-food allergy atopic dermatitis. All dogs should be 4 years or older and have lived in Florida for at least 1 year.

Differences in fecal bacterial populations between these two groups may explain why some dogs are allergic and others are not. If there are differences, these could potentially be corrected using probiotics or healthy dog fecal bacteria to treat atopic dermatitis. If this study is successful it could help revolutionize the treatment of allergic disease in dogs.

If you have an Australian Shepherd and would like to help with this study, please contact the University of Florida's Small Animal Hospital clinical trials coordinator at 352-294-4639 or

More information can be found on the study web page here.

New Articles

Man Training Australian ShepherdMake Your Dog Training Commands Clearly Understood
When dog training, commands should be clear, consistent, and concise. You and your dog need to be on the same page.

Photo of the Month

Australian Shepherd Photo of the Month  
Thanks to Todd Wynia for sending us another terrific photo of Jasper. "We often hike along the Salt River, about ½ hour from our home where he finds treasure that gives him the zoomies. It's so much fun to witness the joy that a simple piece of bark or stick can bring him."

Australian Shepherd Photo of the Month

Cartoon of the Month

Australian Shepherd Cartoon by Anton Hout

Featured Product

Aussie T-Shirts!

This is one of my very own designs...

It's available in men's, ladies' and hoodie styles. There are lots of colors, sizes, and other designs to choose from too.

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Aussie Rescue

Rescue Listings Page

Aussie Rescue Organizations

Australian Shepherd Breeders

Calling All Breeders—If you are an Australian Shepherd breeder please make sure your listing is up to date. I have made many improvements to the Premium Listings (and dramatically reduced the annual subscription). Whether you opt for that or want to continue with a free listing I still need to hear from you. You can find out more at the following link or email me if you have any questions.

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