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This is a feature available for breeders listed in our Breeders Directory and is included in your subscription. If you don't already have a listing and you would like to add your name to our Breeder Directory, you can find more information here... Premium Breeder Listings.

  • Announce Your Puppy Arrivals in Your Directory Listing. Let visitors know when you have a litter available.

  • Four Month Display! Puppy Arrival Announcements are shown with your breeder listing for four months.*

  • NEWPuppy Announcement Icon will help your listing stand out.

  • Highlight – The Puppy Announcement will also be highlighted with a background color to help it stand out even more.

  • Includes 1 or 2 Puppy Announcement photos at no extra charge. Have a look at the sample below to see how the announcement will appear on your listing.

  • NEW – Your Listing with Puppy Annoucement will also appear on our NEW separate Puppies For Sale page.



Preview  Australian Shepherd
Preview  Australian Shepherd

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Your description of your kennel. We only have 1-2 litters per year. OFA/CERF. Guaranteed. References available.

Preview  Australian Shepherd

Puppy Announcement

Your Puppy Announcement Here. For Example:
1 Red Tri Male
2 Red Merle Males
2 Blue Merle Females
1 Blue Merle Male

Photo Credits: Anne Calmes, Beth Beard, Lindsey Mondon (Puppy Announcement Photo)

Add Your Puppy Announcement

Let us know what you want to appear in your announcement by filling in the information in the Puppy Announcement Form (below).

*Four month display means four calendar months. For example if your Puppy Announcement begins showing in your listing on June 27 it will continue to be shown until October 27.

Add a Puppy Announcement to Your Directory Listing

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