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Adding a Second Aussie

What is a good age of the first Aussie to add a second Aussie to the family? I have a 6 month old Aussie. Is this a good age or would it be better to wait until he is older? I want him to have a playmate, but worry about our bond and training two at the same time.

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2nd aussie
by: b626

Our female is One now, we added a little boy about 2 weeks ago.
I have a Yorkie mix in the house that never was Tater's caliber of playfriend but O Boy does this little guy tire her out!
They play hard every morning I think your 6 month old is ready for a friend. And the level of deep sleep will increase from them being worn out from playing!

Re: adding aussies
by: Kym

Anytime is a good time to introduce another aussie. They do well regardless of age. The advantage to getting them close in age is that of course they have a playmate(that can keep up,HaHa) two, they tend to learn together,what one does the other has to mimick. However, one trouble maker can make 2 trouble makers, hence twice the mess or energy level. Whatever your desision, Im sure you will make the right one for you. Keep in mind that no matter the age difference they will bond and become good buddies if matched correctly. Good luck!

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