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Aussie at Petland

by Karen
(Cleveland, OH)

Hello. I am aware of an Aussie male puppy that has been "on display" at Petland for months... no one has bought him yet. He is now 5 months old and getting big! I saw him there two months ago and my heart goes out to him. I was heartbroken to see him still there this weekend listed as 50% off!

I have an Australian Shepherd myself and unfortunately I do not have the space for a second one. Do any rescues get dogs right from Petland and adopt them out? This is a rescue situation. Farm dogs do not belong behind glass confined at a Pet store... it infuriates me. I would be willing to donate to a rescue that could get him and adopt him out. Does anyone have any advice or information about a situation like this?

This puppy is not getting proper exercise, and will certainly end up at a shelter if not socialized properly. I can't get this little guy out of my mind. I wish I had more room for another one, but unfortunately I would at least donate $ to the group who is nice enough to take action. I realize all pups can't be saved, but lets face it... this dog is probably from a puppy mill to begin with. It disgusts me!

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Aussie at Petland
by: Dorothy

I forwarded this request to the Aussie Rescue of Michigan in Lansing, MI. I can't believe that that poor dog has been in a crate for that long. Hopefully your cry for help will be answered. I already have 2 dogs, one being an Aussie.

Aussie at Petland
by: Dorothy

I also e-mailed the Ohio Aussie Rescue to see if they can help.

Aussie at Petland
by: MIke

This is the result of puppy mill crap again I will bet.

It is shameful. I hope someone gets up there and rescues this pup. My pups turn 5 months old Monday and they need all the exercise I can give them and more.

5 month old puppy
by: Linn

How much do they want for him now? Or would u buy him and adopt him out? interested..

by: karen

Thanks everyone for your concern...I contacted ohio aussie rescue and the kind lady was making arrangements to go get him! His bailout was $449...I checked petlands website and they took his picture down:) I am going to follow up with her. I bet it was she who saved him! If so, I will be sending a christmas donation to that great cause xoxo

by: Linda B

Does anyone have an update on this dog? Unfortunately, this Q & A feature does not list the date that the questions were posted. I would love to know if this pup got a home.

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