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Bad Gas

by Derek

Just chilling!

Just chilling!

Our Aussie is plaguing us with bad gas! We've tried 4 different types of dog food, but none make his gas less. He does gulp his food which we understand can be a factor, but is there anything else we can give him? Our vet told us to try meat tenderiser on his food - no joy, it's too salty and he won't eat it.

We need help or he's going to be relegated to the deck in the summer!

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My Greedy Aussie!
by: Anastasia Collett

The best thing is to give your dog a cupful of dry biscuits and then mix it in with Butchers meaty dog food. I give this to my Aussie and she gullops it in seconds! Sometimes, if she is hungry, I give her a cupful of dry dog biscuits in the morning before I go to school. Then at the end of the day, when I come back home, her dog bowl is empty and she begs for more! My Keira is one greedy dog but I love her to bits!!!
By Anastasia Collett

by: Anonymous

Our Aussie has really bad gas also. We have him on a high protein diet and started to mix water in it. He basically inhales his food but the water seems to make him slow down, which I think reduces the gas.

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