Bladder Infection

Why is my 2 yr. old Aussie suddenly peeing all over herself and the floor and just laying in it?

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Bladder Infection
by: Nonnie

We had some similar problems with our female Aussie. After checking with several vets and dog trainers we got the supplement of Cranberry capsules. We open them up and sprinkle on her food every morning. For 3-4 months now, we have not had any issues with her bladder at all!

by: Anonymous

Our Aussie is a year old and she just started wetting on things as well. I am actually taking a sample of her urine to the vet today, I will also be looking for the cranberry capsules today and give them a try.

Bladder Infection
by: Anonymous

Just returned from the vet. Our three year old Aussie was wetting herself. Urine same revealed bladder infection. Received an antibiotic injection and will be on keflex 2Xs per day for two weeks.

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