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Relax and Enjoy Dog Games and Free Online Australian Shepherd Puzzles

Train Your Aussie...
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Online Show Dog Games is a unique online dog game that lets you manage a virtual kennel of your own show dogs.

You can choose from 180 breeds, including Australian Shepherds. You nurture your dogs from puppy to national champion!

You can compete in all-breed, specialty shows, or both. There are judges and handlers just like in a real dog show! How successful you are depends on how you choose to run your kennel.

You have budget and decide food rations, your breeding program, which shows to compete in and much, much more.

This is a great game for just about anyone, whether you are real show dog pro, have never shown a dog before, or even if you've never even owned a dog before — now is your chance! This game is fun and challenging (not to mention addictive!)

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Pavlov's Dog Game >
Dog games like this are simple and take only a few minutes to play. Can you train the dog to drool on command? This game is hosted by and also features more information about Ivan Petrovich Pavlov here. >

Free Online Australian Shepherd Jigsaw Puzzles >

Okay, Technically These Aren't Dog Games
But They Are Fun - and Addictive!

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