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Eating Everything In Sight

by Jenene
(San Diego, CA, USA)

Is it common for a blue merle to try to eat everything in sight—rocks, bark, paper, eye glasses, you name it and he's tried to eat it! It's not so much chewing as it is eating.

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Dont Panic
by: Cheryl

simple answer is YES!!! Try not to worry my girl Indie is now 19mths old and would eat wood, rocks you name it she would try (and succeed) and eat it. I was really concerned as there is a lot of gravel, rocks etc in our soil. Indie would chew and swallow. I am pleased to let you know she has now grown out of this habit. Teeth and stomach in tact - amazing:) I did give her a fair amount of ice cubes to chew on this helped immensely. One of the most useful commands is drop (whats in her mouth) saved a few items from going down her tummy! Good Luck

Eating Habits
by: Kathy

How old is your Aussie? I know my six month old male is still experimenting with flavors and textures. I have a few holes in my walls that will be fixed once he stops wanting to chew and destroy!

Thank you Cheryl and Kathy
by: Jenene

Connor is now 9 mos. old. Last Friday morning he threw up plastic that he got from heaven knows where. I feel like I eyes are in him all the time but he still manages to eat. things he shoudn't! He's always on the prowl for stuff on the ground whenever he's outside.

Eats Everything
by: TinaMarie

Yes Yes Yes...while we have had many misadventures based upon his ability to find & eat things he shouldn' day my 9 month old Aussie yelped and it was because he had somehow found a tac that fell out of my bulletin board and he had it stuck in his tongue. I immediately went to the vet & signed up for the pet insurance-this little one is going to get into more trouble!

The vet is on speed dial.
by: Kathy

My 9 month old female Aussie Zada eats everything. She ate a whole box of hostess ding dongs. Frantic I called the Vet AGAIN. He wasn't concerned about the chocolate just. Just the plastic. The next morning it came out alright. prepackaged poop!

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