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Flea And Tick Control

Each time we apply Frontline plus to our Aussie, he rubs his face for a couple hours afterwards... we're concerned that perhaps he's allergic to it.
If so, what other options are there for flea and tick control?

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by: jcrply

I, too, worry about possible side effects of flea control products. I've been relying on a flea comb, vacuuming, washing dog bed, food-grade diatomaceous earth on neck and rear end areas, and the occasional use of CAPSTAR (Nitenpyram). Capstar starts killing adult fleas within 30 minutes of giving the pill. But it only lasts for about one day. However, I have searched diligently and cannot find any bad comments about it nor any side effects. Does anyone else use Capstar and/or have any comments about it?

Flea meds
by: Marie

I have two female Aussies, now 2 years old. I have discontinued to use any kind of flea/tick meds on them. One of my dogs didn't show any problems with the meds we've used but the other would pace back and forth and was totally stressed for hours after the application. I've use Frontline, Frontline Plus and Advantix and they all had the same reaction. My daughter's vet told her he stopped using all similar meds regularly on his dogs and only uses when very necessary. I've chosen to do the same because of the chemicals used in these meds. I believe they will do more harm than good. We are lucky to live were we don't have a big flea problem. Ticks will show once in a while, but not enough to use the meds.

by: M.T. RVT

Alot of pets rub their faces after application of flea and tick things like frontline, advantix, etc, because they have an alcohol base. This allows the liquid to absorb and the wetness of it to evaporate and dry quickly. The problem is that the smell of isopropyl alccohol bothers the dog's sensitive nose. I work in a vet clinic, as a registered veterinary technician and this happens alot and is a common question. It's not an allergic reaction - otherwise your dog's face would show pinkness or swelling around the lips, eyes and nose, or vomiting and diarrhea with a fever.

This happens in cats as well with products like advantage - only cats tend to salivate and drool because they try to lick it and the taste is really gross.

I hope this helps!

sho sho
by: Anonymous

try a natural product called shoo a small tag worn on collar mt sister tried it on her dog and worked great she would only use advantix as a backup last year she didnt use it at all this prduct is also economical

Fleas, tick, mites ivermectin poisoning
by: Angela

Be very careful with any Meds for fleas, ticks, or mites. My Australia Shepard mix almost died from ivermectin poisoning. This was a shot for skin mites. She was in the hospital two weeks. Ivermectin and some similar substances can not be given to Aussies. Many flea and tick medicines use these substances that are poisonous to Aussies.

Think before you do
by: Anonymous

Tick / flea control medicines are toxic chemicals that are designed to kill animals. Your dog (and you) are also animals. Any toxin that you are applying to your dog in the hopes that it will kill ticks / fleas is also affecting you. The only difference is body weight - the toxic dose for your dog is significantly more than the toxic dose for a tick, and the toxic dose for you is more than your dog. Is it good for you or you dog to be taking low dose toxins? No.

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