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Help Training Scared Mini Aussie

by Kelli
(Terrebonne, Oregon)



10 month female spayed. Unsocialized rescue pup from a backyard breeder. I know she has potential, I see it, and then she goes backwards. She is well exercised. We have an acre fenced and a Jack Russell companion. She is afraid of everyone but me.

Yesterday I had company. I picked her up, calmed her down, and let my friend pet her. I saw fear in her eyes. It really hurts to see an animal with so much fear. I have been working on trust first with her.

I am doing leash training a bit everyday. She is no longer a bucking bronco but still very stubborn. She won't come when called unless she feels the need. When you get her to come she is very loving and enjoys attention but an hour later she hides.

Any training tips???

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & CareGuide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care
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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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