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Reader's Aussies
Australian Shepherd - Reader's Aussies

"Loki" curls up for a nap with reader Amy Hadaway. Amy rescued Loki in Michigan through the National Aussie Rescue. Amy says, "We love him... He is the BEST!"
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Australian Shepherd Rescue Organizations Need Your Help

Australian Shepherd Rescue Organizations Directory

Aussies In Need of Loving Homes

Australian Shepherd Rescue



Location: Archer, Florida
Sex: Female
Age: 10 yrs
Contact: Sally - Phone 352-281-7552

Sandy is a cutie. She is beautiful, smart, 10 yrs old, needs home with older children because she is getting older. Can you help?

She is protective, but more so I think she is shy but wants to make friends. She barks at strangers but if they take a little time with her she will warm up to them. I had her on my horse farm for about 2 yrs. Unfortunately, due to her hearding mentallity she tried to help me heard the horses. She is a hard working dog. Sweet. Loving. She loves to cuddle. She has freckles on her nose and her toes.

Australian Shepherd Rescue



Location: Chicago Heights, Illinois
Sex: Male
Age: Approx. 1 year
South Suburban Humane Society
Phone 708-755-7387
Website Link for More Info

Merlin is a wonderful high energy Aussie who is looking for a new home with a family that understands Australian Shepherds.

Merlin is magnificent looking!! He is also a very good boy in the car, and loves to play fetch and is just a joy to have around. He needs work on a lead and maybe should not be in a home with cats... not that he was vicious with cats just excitable in a rough manner.

How Can You Support Australian Shepherd Rescue Efforts and Help Reduce The Need For Aussie Rescue Services?

  Australian Sheperd "Snow" Picture

The short answer to eliminating the need for Aussie rescue is - through education. Unfortunately, in life sometimes situations arise that prevent us from keeping our beloved Aussies. It can be one of the hardest things we have to go through. I know, I've been there. It still makes me sad to think about the time, due to financial straits, that our family was separated and we had to find a place for Levi to stay.

It didn't matter that the lady who took Levi in was wonderful and loved dogs. It didn't matter that she had a farm with lots of room for him to run and other dogs to play with. What mattered was that he couldn't be with us.


I'm grateful for the people who, out of love for Australian Shepherds, are willing to provide safe haven and rescue services no matter what the reason their owners can no longer keep them.

But often it is not the unfortunate circumstances of life that result in homeless Aussies and the need for rescue. It comes as a result of owners who decided to get an Australian Shepherd without educating themselves about the characteristics of the breed first. These Aussie owners can quickly find themselves second guessing their ill informed decision and it is the dog who then pays the price.

It is extremely important to educate yourself about any breed of dog before you make your final decision. This goes double for Australian Shepherds. The decision to bring an Australian Shepherd into your home is not one that should be taken lightly.

Read This BEFORE You Buy An Australian Shepherd

Many Australian Shepherds are turned over to animal shelters or rescue organisations as a result of people simply not being aware of what they are getting into when they get an Aussie. Others have seen similar warnings but didn't believe them. Well, BELIEVE IT!

  Australian Shepherd - M.A. Wuebker - Rescue dogs need living homes like yours
  M.A. Wuebker
Rescue dogs need loving homes like yours

I don't want to turn you off of Aussies, because IF your lifestyle and you (and your family) are a good fit for an Australian Shepherd it will be the best dog you've ever owned or ever will own (unless you get another Aussie!). But you have to go into this relationship with eyes wide open.

This is true whether you are buying an Australian Shepherd from a breeder or bringing one into your home from a rescue shelter. (You should never get an Australian Shepherd from a pet store or backyard breeder.)

That said, there are many wonderful Aussie Sheps in need of loving homes. They have already had a rough time and need foster homes or, even better, owners who are able to commit to them for life. You can find out more by contacting the following Australian Shepherd rescue organizations.


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Australian Shepherd Rescue Organizations

Canada  >

Australian Shepherd Rescue Page - Listings from various organizations

Aussie Rescue Canada

Second Time Around Aussie Rescue (STAAR)

Aussie Rescue of Ontario

Aussie Rescue for the Midwest MB

Aussie Rescue in the Northwest AB, BC

USA  >

Australian Shepherd Rescue Page - Listings from various organizations

Aussie Rescue and Placement Helpline (ARPH)
Official rescue organization of the Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA).

Mini Aussie Rescue & Support (MARS)
MARS is a Mini Aussie rescue organization, nationwide.

Georgia Aussie Rescue and Placement Helpline (GA ARPH)

Northeast Aussie Rescue and Placement Helpline (Northeast ARPH)

Second Time Around Aussie Rescue (STAAR)

Alaska Aussie Rescue

Aussie Rescue for the Midwest CO, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, MI, MN, MO, OH, SD, WI

Aussie Rescue in the Northwest AK, ID, MT, ND, OR, WA

Australian Shepherd Rescue of St. Louis MO

Aussie Rescue of Southern California

Aussielads Aussie Rescue for 'Lethal Whites'

White Angels Hope Dog Rescue NY
We rescue deaf and deaf/blind double merle/lethal white Aussies and Aussie mixes.

East Coast Region Aussies and Aussie Mixes for Adoption

Australian Shepherd Rescue in Michigan

Florida Aussie Rescue

Heartland Aussie Rescue OH

Kansas and Missouri Aussie Rescue - (Link Down)

NorCal Aussie Rescue

North and South Carolina's Aussies (Carolinas ARPH)

Second Time Around Aussie Rescue of Central California (STARR of CA)

South Texas Aussie Rescue

Southern California Aussie Rescue

Central Coast Border Collie Rescue
BC/Aussies/Cattle Dogs - The focus of CCBC Rescue is to act as a clearinghouse for herding dogs needing homes in Ventura, Santa Barbara and SLO counties.

Note: If you operate an Australian Shepherd Rescue organisation and it is not shown here please Contact Us so we can add your name to the list. Thanks.

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Australian Shepherd Dog Breed Books

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