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Should We Get An Aussie?

by Bella

We live in the city but have a medium sized yard with open grass to run in behind our fence.

I am currently on summer vacation but by the time the litter is ready, I will only have 2 weeks left then I will be going back to school but I have no plans during those two weeks. So I would happily spend them puppy training.

Both parents go to work all day but I get home around 2:45 during the school year and would have all evening to play with him/her even once school starts and have no plans on most weekends.

We own the laziest dachshund who is only territorial over her food and a guinea pig who isn't scared of a dog. We have family walks most nights and usually walk a mile, maybe a little less. My dad LOVES big dogs just like me and would be happy spending extra time playing Frisbee or catch with him/her and takes a drive to get breakfast every Saturday morning with our dachshund and always gets up super early.

We don't have any kids under the age of 14 and no elderly people living with us either. One of our good friends is the breeder so the right breeding isn't a problem.

So do you think an Aussie is right for us?

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care