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1 Year Old Australian Shepherd Seems To Tire Easily

by Sumrbrz

Moments before the rain and mudhole

Moments before the rain and mudhole

My pup Breeze is obsessed with balls! She loves to retrieve and then instead of giving me the ball, she prances around me, making sure I see the ball in her mouth. Haha

When I say "ok bye," she brings me the ball. Lately Breeze seems to get tired easily. After 4 or 5 fast 80 yard sprints, she just plops down, panting rapidly. She rests a few minutes, then wants to play again, but her panting never decreases, and she lays down more often.

She has never done this before, and the Vet says her weight is just fine. We play by several creeks, and one is very slow moving with standing water. I'm scared that a mosquito may have bitten her last summer before she started H'worm med. I'm having her tested tomorrow.

What I was wondering is; Is this normal behavior for Aussies (and other herding dogs) or is there anything else I should have her checked for? Thanks!
Grateful in NC

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by: MrJohn

You don't say how old but she looks young in the pictures. If she is older it might be normal but my 10 year old won't slow down and ends up paying for it later in the day.
Also, what is the weather? If it is pretty hot it would be normal so make sure she has plenty of water.

by: Anonymous

You do say in title that she is only one so that would make it unusual.

TIred Aussie
by: Nancy

Our two Aussies got tired after playing hard too. She is just a baby and babies get tired all the time. I don't think you have anything to worry about but it's good that you are getting her checked for heartworm. Good luck. I hope everything is just fine and she is resting like a baby does

Doesn't sound normal.
by: Anonymous

Hi, that doesn't sound normal. Our pup was indefatigable.

Now she's just about 2 yo and carrying about 2 kg more than she should, she will tire towards the end of a good hard 45minute frisbee and ball fetch session. Give her a rest though and it's back on.

Our second Aussie is a farm hardened rehomed almost 7yo male who will keep going until he is ready to drop. It's always us that pulls up the play session before he does.

I honestly don't know whether the above is normal for all Aussie's but from the dozen or so I've met, it seems to be.

I hope your vet has good news and that it is something simple to work out.

Best wishes.

Aussie Tires Easily
by: Brenda

She is still a young pup so you may have to start slowly with her. But for peace of mind it would probably be a good idea to have her checked out. I have an Aussie that is eight years old and he will chase the Frisbee until he drops or we make him take a break. Now, during hot weather he tires more easily and will take the Frisbee and go sit in the shade for a while. Hope this helps.

by: Sumrbrz

I appreciate your input & good wishes! Breeze will play for as long as I let her. But it's the numerous lie-down breaks that she takes. I forgot to mention that her appetite has decreased & she's urinating more frequently. I'll hope to know in a day.
Thanks Again👋

let us know what the HW results are
by: Marla

A couple of possibilities come to mind but I don't want to say anything and cause undo concern.

I can't tell when this was posted (it's June 2015 at this reply) but if the weather is anything like it is here (SC), the heat and humidity are probably the cause. Our girl pants much more now (and honestly so do I).

By the way, we got our Aussie in NC.

Border collie collapse syndrome
by: Anonymous

Ask your vet if it is border collie collapse syndrome, then you will monitor your dog. It can be fatal.

Did you get results?
by: Anonymous

Hello, I'm just wondering what results you received from the vet? I have a 9 month-old Aussie who behaves like yours. With all the reading I've done on how active these dogs are, ours seems to be an anomaly. Will be taking her to the vet soon but if you could share your experience, that'd be great.
Thank you!

Run em hard
by: Jvm

They really don't tire much...

I've got an 11 and a 10. They really don't stop. When we are out, they are going. When we are home, they are under my feet.

It's a function of you... how much time do you/can you spend? They will take it all. But that's not reality. If you do 2 hours, they are happy. If you do 4, they are happy. If you do none, they are happy. It's being with you!

If I am busy, a good 30 minute sniff 2 or 3x a day in the yard works. If I have time, a 10 mile hike is good too.

I think I could take them 20 miles... but I can't do that! Amazing breed!

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