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1 Year Old Male Won't Potty In Dog Run

by Wendy W
(Buffalo, MN)

We have a 1 yo male Aussie/Lab mix. We adopted him at 5 mo, and he was fully potty-trained. We have a fenced dog run behind our attached garage, about 10x20 ft, with a dog-door through the garage wall. This is not where he spends his time, but is intended to be the doggy bathroom. He spends his time with us, and gets plenty of exercise.

The only problem we have is that he does NOT like to go out to the dog run to potty. He will "hold it" until he is taken for a walk, or out in the yard to play. I don't want him pottying in the yard because I do not like the brown dead spots, and would rather not have to watch my step so closely when I'm outside. Often he will be very restless, and obviously need to "go", but will refuse to go out to the dog run. If I give in and take him for a second walk, he quickly makes it obvious that he REALLY needed to go.

When we first get up in the morning and before bedtime he must be escorted to the doggy-door and told to go potty. Sometimes he refuses to go out the doggy door at all. He will not request to go out that way unless he absolutely cannot wait any longer. I've considered always taking him to the dog run and refusing to let him elsewhere until he has pottied, but I know my family will not be consistent with this. Besides the fact that this is simply annoying, I'm concerned that his determination to hold it will result in bladder infections or bowel problems.

Any ideas on why he would hate the dog run so much or how to convince him to use it?

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Re: Potty
by: Anonymous

It sounds like a simple case of not wanting to potty where he sleeps/lives. Alot of dogs are like this. My mother has 5 dogs that have 24 hr access to a nice big backyard. NONE of her dogs potty in the yard!!! As much as she has tried to train them otherwise, it wont happen. Granted, if you leave him out long enough, he WILL go but keep in mind to him it's yucky. You may want to teach him to use a bell when he has to go. This is a simple way he can alert you to his needs.
And yes, it is possible that it may cause urinary problems in the future. Infections and/or incontinence are both posibilities.

maybe you can try this
by: Anonymous

rather than taking the chance of him getting sick, physically or emotionally (stressing over it) why dont you just take a pooper scooper with you when you walk him, and pick it up right away so you won't get the brown spots, not have to check where you walk. just thought.

Potty in dog run
by: Anne

Some dogs, if trained to use the grass as a small puppy, will always want to use the grass as an older puppy, adult.
It is not unusual, is the Dog Run cement or grass?

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