10 Week Toy Aussie Ears?

by Danel
(Port Orchard)

My 10 week Toy Aussie ears stand straight up and I want them to fold over? Should I tape them? Or will they change?

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by: Anonymous

he's only 10 weeks? leave them alone, they will do what they need to do with time. sometimes, they have one up and one down for a time, then it changes again, eventually, they will be fine. not sure why you want them to fold, anyway, but they will, just leave them alone.

10 week old Aussie
by: Nonnie

I have two female Aussies - one mini and one toy. I picked the mini out at 8 weeks and her ears were already folding over. We got her at 11 weeks. I got the toy at 11 weeks and her ears were already folding over also.

I don't have any experience on how to make their ears fold over. I am sure there are many breeders on this site who can give you advice. If you get a chance, post a picture of your furry baby!!

by: Anonymous

Sometimes their ears just stand up right, it does make them look a bit more like a Border Collie, but who cares?

by: Anonymous

My baby toy aussie's ears stand straight up 99% of the time. He is three months now. None of his litter mates, nor his parents ears are like this. I absolutely LOVE his ears. Makes him special and I think he looks ten times cuter!! He's all ears! <3

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