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10-Month Old Mini Aussie Destroying Things

by Carine
(Houston, TX, USA)

Hello, We are having several issues with our 10-month old Mini Aussie, but I'll limit myself to one question here.

He has all his adult teeth, but he is still very intent on chewing things. He has torn up about ten books which he's pulled off the bookshelves and torn up. He'll also chew on wooden furniture (but we've sprayed most things with bitter apple). He'll stand up to reach things on countertops to find things to chew on.

He does this even shortly after a long walk so I don't think that lack of exercise is the problem. When I catch him doing these things I'll take the item away and tell him "no" firmly. Then I'll give him a bone or something else to chew.

Is this behavior normal? How long do Aussies do this?

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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