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10-Month-Old Mini Aussie Socialization

by Emily Krall
(Dublin, Ca)

Hello Aussie Lovers!

I am in need of some advice with my 10-month-old Mini, Barkeley. He is the love of my life but is going through a tough time with stress and is turning antisocial. He has a small group of dogs he loves to play with along with their owners but recently, he has started to bark and growl at dogs he’s unfamiliar with when they walk by.

This is uncommon for him as he usually wiggles his butt up to any dog he sees. He also growls/barks at any human that looks him in the eyes and is only comfortable with a human who has a dog with them.

It’s becoming difficult to take him out into town or even have guests over. We’re currently in a scared dog training class but I’m not sure it will be enough and I’m hoping for any advice! Barkeley is my first Aussie and I want to help him gain confidence and live a happy, stress-free life.

Thank you!

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Mean girl
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem. They are just so protective of owners and space. Mine is a female and fixed. She almost bit a man a couple of days ago that came to buy my camper. Also tried to bite another man. On our property but I’m so scared to take her to town anymore. She was not like this when she was young. Now she is probably 3 years old.

Australian Shepherd Socialization
by: Angela

I feel your frustration. Our Aussies (brother & sister) were fine until they were about 18 months. I keep up on socializing them separately. When they are together on walks, it is not pretty. She starts barking, he backs her up. They are a protective breed.

When people come over to the house, I leave them in a separate room and when I let them out after about 5-10 min. I tell my guests to ignore and they quit after 2 minutes and are loving.

As far as other dogs, they do like my son's dog and also my mom's dog. They both like their fur mom and the girl is good with her fur dad, the boy avoids him. I don't take them to dog parks.

Be calm, constantly work with them and above all accept him/her as is. Just as people, we don't always have to be around others and that is fine. 😊

Socialization Issue
by: Anonymous

Hi! Our second Aussie had similar behavior which I wouldn’t tolerate so I called in a trainer. She taught us the "look" command with treats to get her attention off of dogs/people and on us until they had passed. After a while, she didn’t even acknowledge them and started playing again. She’s a very comfortable and confident Aussie now. The trainer called her "reactive" so we had to teach her not to be so reactive. Good luck!!

Also, tire him out beforehand.
by: Anonymous

Get ahold of a dog behaviorist. Is there any area where you can take your dog to watch people, but far away enough it doesn't stress him out? Just get doggo used to that distance and then slowly bring the little doggo closer? That method worked pretty well for my dog.

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