11 Week Old Australian Shepherd Puppy Biting Aggressively

Hello, I am reaching out today about my 11 week old male Australian Shepherd, Ranger. Ranger is a real smart pup already has learned sit, stay, and down, and is doing a lot better with potty training.

I have had him for about two weeks now. He has been doing a lot of aggressive biting. Ranger will bite at our shorts and hold on without letting go and also bites our arms and hands very hard. I have been practicing what it says in the ebook from this website with saying "no" and putting my hand over his mouth for ten seconds.

It seems like he is getting better and when I see him about to attack my shorts I can say "no" and he steers away.

I was just wondering if this is a normal problem to be having. Ranger has plenty of toys to chew on and he does so every day.

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biting pup
by: Anonymous

My 11 week old female has the same biting issue. She doesn't bite hard, but snags her teeth on us and our clothing given the opportunity. We distract her with other things to chew, but during her worst episodes she just keeps at it. We've trained a number of Lab pups, but this nipping seems more persistent. Any help is appreciated.

Puppy Biting
by: Anonymous

My guy was the same way when I brought him home at 9 weeks, but at almost 6 months, he’s pretty much over it now.

To stop it, I said a sharp, "ouch" when bitten and then stopped playing with him for a few seconds. If he persisted, which he did often, I would say, "ouch" again and get up and walk away looking disgusted. The key is that after you say, "ouch," or whatever word you choose, you totally quit engaging, meaning don’t touch him, look at him, talk to him, or give him any sort of attention at all. Eventually, he’ll figure out that keeping his teeth to himself means that play continues. Best of luck!

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