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13 Week Aussie Pup

by Ashton

Hi, I recently purchased a male 13 week Aussie pup, about 5 days ago. He is very laid back and calm. He's also very sweet. I have a couple questions however, he's a good boy, but when outside, he usually doesn't come when I call him. Yes he does follow me but if in a curious wandering mode, he won't come if I call him over. The breeder I purchased him from named him because she thought she was gonna keep him but I changed his name. I'm thinking that may be a reason he's not listening but if I call his new name, he will look and he seems to know it. Any suggestions? Will he possibly grow out of that? Or will it get better once he knows me more?

Another question is will he grow out of his laid back personality? The breeder gave me two weeks to return him, with a full refund but I just don't want to have to do that because I am already attached. I already have taken him to the vet and he is healthy.

Another question is will he get smarter as he gets older? I've already taught him sit lay down and up (from sit) but he seems out of it at times! Lol please comment! My main issue is not coming when I call him. Thanks!

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13 week Aussie
by: Nonnie

He is a baby. He will sleep a lot since he is still a baby. And his attention span is short.

One exercise that our obedience trainer used to help the puppy learn his name is to have 3-4 people sit in a circle, puppy in the middle. Have plenty of small treats, morsels of dog food or carrots, or any treat that he will really like. One person calls the puppy by his name - Joe - very excited. When Joe responds, he gets a treat. The next person calls the puppy and the same routine continues for 3 minutes or so 2-3 times a day. Once he learns his name, then work on "come Joe". same routine.

It is likely that your puppy will perk up in the next few months. He is still just a little one. I have two Aussies who are almost 2 years old. There are times when I wish they were as calm as they were when they were puppies.

Keep us updated on how he is doing!!

puppy class or tab289
by: jcrply

From my own experience, I can recommend two possibilities: 1. Find a local puppy obedience class. Do a GOOGLE search. They are typically easy-going classes that use only positive reinforcement (treat) methods and are also great for socializing the pup.
2. Go to this website:
This is a series of short lessons using clicker training. I have found this to be great and my pup loves it. It is totally free, and you do not have to subscribe, just click on the lesson you want to watch. One of them is "COME WHEN CALLED".

by: Anonymous

Interesting, you say your main concern is his not coming when you call, which is really an easy thing to remedy, but I sense you're really not thrilled with his laid back personality. If I may, why did you take him? when picking a puppy, especially since he's already 13 weeks, you check out their personality, and decide if it fits with what you are looking for. some want laid back, others want active that will run, and play etc. I know yu say you are already attached, but honestly, if he's not the one, it''s best you return him, and get yorself one more to your liking, rather than trying to change him and getting frustrated. However, with that said, it all depends on your own life style. do you lead a very active one? if not, than a laid back would best suit you anyway.

As far as having him come when you call, you call his name, and show him a treat, everytime he does, you give it to him. eventually, he will get it

When you changed his name did you change it to one that had a similar sound to his old one at least? I had to do that once to one of my dogs (and one cat) and what I did was I left the same letter/sound as the one they were already familiar with, and changed the rest, for ex: Layla was changed to Kayla and Dusty became Dutchess. it worked very well, and quickly, in fact, they didn't even notice.

I hope it goes well for you and you're little guy, he's sounds like a sweetie, and by the way, they are highly intelligent, and if you train yourself to train them, they will superceed your expectations, but it all must be done with love and patience and rewards, help too (at first).

by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

The big thing is that he is a puppy! He is a clean slate and needs you to teach him what to do. You might try having some really tasty treats when you call him-- like real meat or cheese. When he turns to look at you after you call him, praise him excessively. Making it happy is the main thing in training. He might seem lethargic because everything is new to him right now. He may need an adjustment period even with the training. Get him into a positive reinforcement puppy class. Have fun with your new baby!

Training to come when called
by: Kym

You have to give your little guy time to adjust to you and his new surroundings. He IS only 13 weeks. Giving him a positive reward is the best way to go using a favorite toy, food, praise etc. He is still young and has alot of learning to do. You can start by calling his name and running the other direction. This will usually get the attention of ANY dog especially an aussie! Praise him lots when he comes running, and give him his reward. You can also use a long line (a light wieght clothes line or something similar) call his name,squeak his toy, and give him a chance to respond, if he doesnt, call his name and pull him to you telling him to come as you are calling him. Make sure to make it fun and exciting! Use a fun, happy tone as you are calling him and of course reward him when he gets there!
He is also only 13 weeks. He will get more active the older he gets dont worry! Although there are exceptions to every rule. Enjoy the laid back aussie you have now,that will change.
It sounds like your puppy is PLENTY smart,it's just a matter of age. If you already taught him sit,down,up etc. sounds like he is smart to me!! They are just like children, I am sure he has a short attention span, and it isn't hard to distract him at this age. New places,faces,sounds,smells etc. Give your little guy some kudos for what he DOES know!
AND last but not least, if you are already attached, then his activity level should not matter. Just because he may be a mellow boy, does not mean he cannot be a good partner. Whether it be for jogging, agility or anything else. I personally have had all types of aussies. Several that were 'high energy', constantly 'busy'and couldn't lay still for anything. A couple that were 'lazy house dogs' inside but crazy energy outside, and some that were very mellow no matter where they were but ALWAYS willing to be 'active' when needed (agility, herding, jogging etc)
I think your aussie is just fine and completly normal. Just relax and enjoy your boy! Good things come to those who wait! GOOD LUCK! Hope all this was helpful.

comming when call
by: Anonymous

My guess is that he does not know his name. This is very easy to teach. Have treats ready for this. When you are at home with no other distraction, call his name. Every time that he makes a small movement give him a treat, even if he does not look at you. He will start to understand that his name means something good. After a little while, make it harder to him. Say his name and as soon as he turns and looks at you give him a treat. After, add on some distractors, and then, finally, go outside and do the same. These sessions shouldn?t last more than 10 minutes each time you do them, and they can be done a couple of times a day. It won?t take long, but you have to work at your dog?s pace. Also, never use his name if you are going to punish him for something, his name has to be something wonderful. When you put his bowl with food, say his name. This will go faster if you train him with a clicker. This may also be the reason that he doesn?t sit or lay down every time you ask him to do it. For a dog to be well trained the first thing you have to do is get his attention. If he doesn?t have his name clear, you won?t get that attention. First step is his name, after that, you can do everything, I promise!!! Good luck, I hope this works!

13 week pup coming when called
by: Anne

If you have treats in your pocket all the time and after he learns his name, give him a treat when you call him. Give him a treat everytime. Have him on a leash at first and say his name and "come", if he does not quickly but gently call him to you and give lots of praise and a treat.
Good Luck and remember he has a short attention span at that age so make training fun and at short intervals.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

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