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2 Questions Car Sickness And Hair Cuts

by Emily Flanigan
(South East Texas)

What can I do to prevent him from either throwing up and/or potting in my vehicle? We travel alot and everytime he goes with us it is a mess when we get there, but I hate leaving him to go to work! (Our son babysits him)
Will it hurt if I get him a shaved close but not all the way off? We live in south East Texas, it is very hot and I want to take him to a groomer, A friend of mine said it is not good for them.

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Hair Cut
by: Anonymous

Not good to shave them. Their double coat protects them from the sun. Get a stripper and a Furminator. The stripper will get out the undercoat without ruining their coat. The Furminator will get the loose hair from the top coat.

Re: car sickness,hair cuts
by: kym

Your dog will probably grow out of the car sickness thing. Almost all puppies get carsick this is to be expected. The best thing you can do regardless of age is: open the door of your car and let your dog sit in it. Petting and praising. (Try not to do this after a meal of course) when comfortable try taking the dog for a SHORT drive. Around the block. Come home praise and reward. Little by little go further distances.You can also talk to your vet about giving Dramamine. This is a safe drug to help if necessary but consult your vet first of course.

As far as shaving,your dogs coat is insulation from the cold AND the heat. As long as you keep the coat free of dirt and matts it also acts as 'air conditioning' if the hair gets matted or dirty of course it cant do its job. It allows air to circulate against the skin. You may also want to keep in mind that sometimes when you shave the hair may not grow back as full,thick or long and may cause permanent damage.The best thing to do is to let your Aussie keep its hair. Hope this helps!

Car Sickness
by: Anonymous

I've had terrible problems with aussie car sickness. Nothing seemed to help- sitting in the car, short rides, etc. Finally, after talking to my vet I tried dramamine. Consult your vet for the proper dosage. There are also homeopathic remedies you can try.
The good news is that all the car sick dogs here have out grown the problem before their second birthday and now love the car.

by: Wilda

If possible, don't feed before a trip. they will outgrow it (usually). never shave, ESPECIALLY close to the skin. we feel hotter than they do (like when moms tell their kids to put on a sweater, because SHE'S cold). enjoy your pups.

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