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2.5 Year Old Australian Shepherd WONT EAT!

My 2.5 year old Australian Shepherd threw up last friday. He has done this type of throw up before (no food was in the throw up. Just mucus and little blood specs). I have taken him to the vet NUMEROUS times over the past months. The vets have no clue what is causing him throw up the mucus and blood specks. All his x rays and blood tests came back positive. He was prescribed on sucralfate and pepcid. It helped for a while.

Usually, after he throws up (in the morning), he will eat his regular dry dog food with no problem or hesitation. His behavior is normal, stool is good.

However, this time, he has no interest in his food whatsoever. He eats a few bites very slowly and reluctantly and just leaves it there. He has done this for 3 meals already. (1.5 days). He drinks plenty of water and stool is still great. I fed him sucralfate and pepcid as the vet described a month ago.

I have noticed that he wants to go outside WAY MORE OFTEN NOW. And while he is out there, he always secretly licks other dog's pee off of the grass or stop signs. This drives me crazy. He is definitely more restless than usual and more needy in these past couple days. He always whines and wants to go out.

I don't know if the non-eating is connected to wanting to always go out or wanting to lick other dog pee, but did anyone have a situation similar to this?

BTW. He is not neutered. I have to wait till mid week to take him to the vet.

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Take to different vet
by: Richard Bryant

This does not sound right. I assume you have checked all plants accessible and make sure safe for him.

Get a second vet opinion.

Young Aussie not eating
by: Anonymous

It sounds like he has had low level ongoing issues, but now I would be thinking he is very ill. The pee licking is not unusual really, I think all dogs do it. But the wanting to be outside all the time - I would take that as a very bad sign. If it were me I'd get him to the vet pronto. Poor guy, I feel so bad for him, and you. Hope it goes well.

Encourage to eat
by: Kathie Isenberg

We had the same issue with our Siberian Husky - our Aussies eat a fellow Aussie owner suggested I try a bit scoops of Gerber Baby Food - Chicken and broth...THE END - WHENEVER HE GETS FUSSY I ADD THE BABY FOOD, AND PUMP IS PRIMED!
Be careful where you buy - local stores can be as much as $1.39 a jar - Walmart is about 89 cents as jar. Good luck - it sure worked for me!

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