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4 Month Old Australian Shepherd Won't Walk

by David
(Louisville, Co, USA)

Hello, I have had a 4 month old Aussie for a week now and I am having issues getting him to go on walks and be around other dogs and people.

He is great around the house and is settling in nicely after the first week home, but outside the house...not so good.

He came from a large ranch (breeder) and was great with his family of Aussies, but now with him at my house, he growls and nips at other dogs, barks at strangers, and won't budge from the house on walks. I am guessing he wasn't very socialized or trained at their house. (including no potty training which we are working on)

I have read he is trying to be protective and that's why he gets weird around other dogs and people. We are starting a puppy class this weekend so hopefully that helps socialize him.

As for the walks though, do you think he doesn't want to go because he wants to stay and watch over the house? I would drive him for walks to other places so the house is out of sight out of mind, but in the morning before work it's not an option.

Any ideas for the walking, and for the socialization? You think he will grow out of some of these issues? I do a ton of hiking and got this breed to have a great trail dog, but man, if he won't even leave the house...??

Of course, he's only 4 months and only a week at my house so I am trying to be patient.


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Comments for 4 Month Old Australian Shepherd Won't Walk

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Aussie won't go on Walks
by: Anne

I am an obedience trainer and I believe the poor baby is scared. "Fear" will make them growl. Give him Time and patience. Be the calm assertive one.
He needs your guidance as alpha dog and the puppy class will help him tremendously. Give him lots of praise and treats when he exhibits the behavior you want.
On House breaking...lots of patience there as well, it isn't his fault he is like this.
I use a crate at night. I am not sure what you are doing but at 4 months he is old enough to hold his bladder for 8 hours. I would not let him go longer than 8 hours.
Good luck and the puppy will help both of you and lots of socialization...your puppy class instructor should be able to help with that.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

same problem
by: Anonymous

We have an 11mo old female Aussie who had the SAME problem. Well she didnt nip at dogs, she loves them, but she is terrified of strangers and children. She also hated walks. I dont think she had a lot of interaction prior to us bringing her home (we got her at 8weeks and 1 day). We started puppy class as soon as she had all her shots and just kept attempting the walks. Early morning and later evenings seemed to be the times she would actually walk because it was quite outside and very few people were out. We would also go to places that were not too crowded, like athletics fields by our house, or hiking on trails (where a lot of people were not around). Most of our friends have dogs and when another dog was over she would walk. We continued obedience training and did a lot of research. We decided getting another dog would be best for our little Aussie. We got a purebred pug puppy and our Aussie is different dog. The new puppy is bringing her out of her shell. We continue to socialize her and expose her to new things everyday. Just dont give up and slowly expose him to new things and hopefully you will have positive results.

4 month old won't walk
by: califmom

I would bring his favorite treats, and anytime you get a positive behavior, give the treats and lots of praise. Lead him by the nose where you want him to go with the treat in your hand, praising in a high voice as you go. When he gets there, or when he has walked a ways (whichever is appropriate), big praise along with the treat. My dog likes hot dog bits. This is the method I use to get her to walk when there are scary things like barking dogs or construction vehicles in our path.

Hopefully pretty soon he will associate the walks with treats, then you can have a few walks without them, then all walks without them. Good luck and happy trails!

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