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4 Month Old Potty Training

by Brian
(Lexington, KY)

Hello, We have a four month old Red Merle and we're struggling with potty training him. He knows not to go in the house, and knows to hold it, but he doesn't really know how to "ask" to go out. Just this morning he stared at us for about 15 seconds, then wandered off to do his business.

Can anyone suggest a good, surefire way for him to ask to go outside? Thanks a ton.

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by: Nonnie / Dee Cutshall

Go to your local hobby store and get a "jingle bell". Hang it on the door knob. Take your puppy to the door, ask if he needs to potty, or whatever phrase you use, take his paw and ring the bell, praise him heavily and then take him out and praise him again when he takes care of business. Repeat as often as you think he needs to go and repeat over and over.

You also may look at your local pet store for a bell.

potty training
by: Anonymous

here is an awesome trick for your puppy. tie a bell around your door handle and when you take the puppy outside see to it that he accidentally hits the bell then praise him/her. they are very smart dogs who catch on quickly. although they do not do very well with negative consequences where as the positive they will continually do even better for you. i hope this helps you like it has my other clients and with my own 2 aussies. ps watch for sniffing and if it is seen immediately take them to the bell and have them hit it with really any part of their body so it rings then seriously praise like crazy!!!!!

Potty Training
by: Marie

We have 2 female blue merle sisters. They were 8 weeks old when we brought them home. We immediately hung a bell on a string at the door we wanted them to use to go out. When we'd take them out to potty, we'd show them what we wanted them to take their paw and hit the bell, lots of praise and excitement, go outside to potty. As soon as they pottied, back in the house so the message was clear why they ring the bell. These, like all Aussies, are extremely smart so within a couple of days they knew what to do. We take the bell wherever we go where it might be needed.
This is the first time I've used a bell for this training but it does work well. We don't have to watch for them sitting at the door waiting for someone to notice, etc.
No doubt your puppy is smart and is sure to catch on fast. Good luck!

potty training
by: Anonymous

We taught our puppy to ring a bell in less than 2 weeks. Go to a pet store and buy a large parrot bell so you know it is pet safe. Craft store bells are often coated in metallic paint. Hang the bell on the door, ring it every time you take him out and soon he will be ringing it on his own. A word of warning though - our puppy has also started to ring the bell whenever she wants something- dinner time, needs water, wants to be let out to chase birds, when someone leaves the room and she wants them back... Fortunately, the "I really need to go" ring is different than the others!

Re: Potty training
by: Anonymous

The bell trick always is a good idea and has become very popular. However, in the meantime it is going to be a matter of you paying attention and looking for signs. It sounds like he IS telling you when he has to go, you just arent 'listening' My male used to do this. He would come over and stare at me. Then, I would ask him 'Do you gotta go potty?' He would then jump up n down and run to the door. He NEVER would cry or whine unless I was sleeping. He would hold it forever if he had to! The other sign is of course the sniffing or pacing. Pay attention to his mannerisms, as I said you just have to 'listen' If he tends to wander away, make sure you keep a leash on him and attach him either to your belt loop or to the couch. That way he cant sneak off.When you do take him out give him a word or phrase...I tell mine go potty and they all will AS SOON AS I GIVE THE COMMAND! My dogs never know when they will be able to go again as I travel alot. (It is also useful at the vet for urine samples) GOOD LUCK! He will learn quickly just be consistant!

by: Anonymous

Why do I seem to have the Aussie that goes against everything that I read?!?! I take her out constantly! And when she does her business I praise her like crazy! Hugs, treats, clicker and toys. She does not do #2 in the House but will constantly do the other! And most of the time it’s as soon as we come back in. And I watch her like a hawk. As soon as I see ANYTHING, I say, "let’s go out". I’m so frustrated. I’m being patient with her but how long does this last? So tomorrow I’m getting a bell!

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