4.5 Month Old Is Biting And Barking At Me

My pup had been a really well-behaved, submissive dog. About 2 weeks ago my pup decided he would jump up at me and bite at me. The jumping up has minimized but he seems to have exchanged it to barking incessantly and biting much harder - he even tries to bite my face! Any advice as to how to extinguish these behaviors? I originally thought he'd do it for attention, but I am usually looking right at him and/or playing when he starts barking!

Any suggestions are appreciated! Plus he only does this to me! He doesn't do it to my husband or mom who frequently visits! And I'm the primary caregiver.

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stop it now
by: Anonymous

that is definitely not acceptable behavior. maybe you can put him in a crate when he does that, say NO! strongly. Aussies are people pleasers and lovers, once he see that you are not happy with him with that behavior it should make him stop. he could be bored/restless/frustrated. take him out for long walks, play frisbie and catch etc. with him. tire him. Reward his good behavior also. hope this helps.

by: Anonymous

He is trying to herd you into what he wants to do. Now is the time to start obedience/puppy class to learn basic obedience commands. Time to learn some tricks, too. We use "puppy push-ups"-- the down, sit, down in rapid fire commands to get them thinking and under control. If you do use the crate, please don't use it as punishment. Crates are supposed to be a happy place where he can go to be safe. Use a Kong with peanut butter or something else good to keep him entertained in the crate.

Nipping & Barking
by: Anonymous

Keep a spray water bottle near by and when he starts barking at you give him a quick squirt and yell NO!

Aussies are bossy!
by: Anonymous

4 months is when my pup started a bad behavior phase of biting and barking as well. It was utter craziness during the entire teething phase actually. We took her to training at 6 months, which helped somewhat. She started getting better behaved at the year mark. She is still mouthy and barks a lot when she wants our attention. This is also part of the Aussie traits. At 18 months she listens better but those traits still come out every now and then. I had many painful bites from my Aussie during the first year, and I am the main caregiver as well. They are bred to nip at livestock and boss a herd around. Find a method that works for you, and seek help of a trainer to help teach the dog that nipping you is not acceptable. I find that a lot of off leash running makes the dog tired and more bearable to live with :)

Crate for punishment = bad idea
by: Anonymous

Do not use the crate for punishment if you want your Aussie to use it.

stop it now
by: Anonymous

that is definitely not acceptable behavior. maybe you can put him in a crate when he does that, say NO!

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