5 Month Old Aussie Jumping All Over People

My Puppy, Pepper, jumps all over people! It's her only flaw, but it is really annoying. Help!!! Oh and she is a 5 mo old female blue merle if that helps.

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Aussie's Death
by: Nonnie

Enroll in some obedience class at your local pet store. It will help immensely.

by: Anonymous

She is just over excited but it is still unacceptable. Everyone needs to follow the same rules: totally ignore her until she has calmed down and then call her over to say hello. Keep your hands still and preferably at your sides as Aussies tend to jump up more when people flap their arms about.

Pet Training
by: Anonymous

I do take classes at Petsmart! Nothings working and it's getting very irritating.

by: Nonnie

Any chance you live in Houston, TX?

by: Anonymous

Consistently turn your back and walk away if she jumps on you. If she jumps on others, try having a smelly treat handy and hold it close to the ground. Let her lick the treat, but not eat it, while your guest pets her. Teach her down and stay with lots of repetition during distractions so that she'll have something else to do instead of just being told No.

by: Peppers owner

The last comments idea seems to be working! Thank u! The one before that, no I live in ca

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