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6 Month Old Female Aussie Turns On Me

by Karen
(Cleveland, OH)

My purebred Australian Shepherd is ending the teething process. She is extremely mouthy at times. She focuses well on long walks but sometimes will stop and go full force at nipping me HARD. Not sure why she turns on me, but she can be relentless! She gets 3 mile-5 mile walks per day and a lot of people-attention. She is very smart and well exercised. She can be sweet, and at times very bossy or unprovoked mean where she bites hard. What is the difference between herding and attacking? And how can I get this under control. She does not nip strangers, just ME :)

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by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

It's time to get your girl in a training class. If she is not RUNNING she is not getting enough exercise. Brain games are good, too. We play 101 things to do with a box. You can look it up online. We do lots of tricks training. My husband compares out Bryn to a gifted child saying that we need to give her extra homework and an accelerated class. We do agility in class and at home. We work on obedience and rally and practice footwork. You can start her on retrieving. Clicker training is wonderful for Aussies. You can also look that up online. Karen Pryor and Shirley Chong are both good sources. Have fun with your baby girl!

by: Karen

Thanks Gayle. I actually have her enrolled in dog training which starts next week. I am trying to calm her down until then, since I often get nipped daily. It can get painful. I am wondering if there are any quick tips until training starts..a dog that is in a crazed state of nipping does not listen very well. I have to forcily pull her off my pant legs at times and it is a battle! They don't take well to positive reinforcement while their mouths are in your skin! A choker chain somewhat helps...without a choker chain she is out of control and comes at me harder! Thanks for listening. I am so frustrated and hope she outgrows this:) I don't want a dog that bites anyone!

by: Anonymous

You can try to grab her and push her tongue down with your thumb. I know that sounds scary,but you can do it. I did it with a 60 lb GSD puppy. I don't know if you have ever seen "It's Me or the Dog" on AP, but Victoria Stillwell-- a positive reinforcement trainer-- uses a choker chain in the mouth instead of your hand. Both of these require quick movement, but you CAN DO IT. You can also use lemon juice sprayed in her mouth. I understand what you are going through. I have a 15 month old that is still mouthy, but does not bite hard. just mouthy. Yelling will not help. It will only make her more excited and wanting to control you with her mouth. Good luck! Any more questions, please ask.


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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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