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6 Month Old Male Australian Shepherd Has Started Growling And Snapping

by Michele Turney

Bridger 6 mos.

Bridger 6 mos.

We have a 6 month old male Australian Shepherd who is so adorable and never shows any signs of aggression unless he steals something he knows he shouldn't have and goes under the coffee table (only place he goes).

When I reach under to retrieve the item he has started to growl and bite my hand to protect it. I've read several articles on this and think I know how to handle. I know for sure he doesn't like loud yelling or any type of physical correction. Learned that right away when we got him at 2 months.

I feel much better now that I've read the articles and know that he isn't mean or becoming mean. It will also train me to be more patient!

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Growling Puppy
by: Anonymous

My aunt is having the same issue with her aussie/heeler, Tia. She is 9 months old and does the same thing, resource guarding, snipping. Aussies need constant stimulation, more exercise than most people have time to give! Make sure your pup has things to do at all times, be sure to teach a "leave it" command and practice the trade game with your dog -trading treats for items they want- as reaching toward something your dog has isn’t always a good idea, best the dog goes to you. Also, puppy/training classes for socialization are very helpful!

Resource guarding
by: Anonymous

How do you deal with that thieving? My pup did that right at 2 months, so we started trading - offering something yummier to get him off the treasure he had, picking it up and then giving the treasure back to him. Now I can take a bone or whatever from him and give it back with no issues. Lets him know you own the stuff and decide he can have it.

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