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8 Month Old Aussie Chewing On The House!

by Diane
(Franklin, TN)

Ready for the holidays!

Ready for the holidays!

Hello... my beautiful Aussie puppy, Olivia, is eating me literally out of my home! I have found the 7th chew spot today - ANOTHER windowsill. I keep her active... daycare, dog parks, long walks, play time, and training time every day.

I am at my wits end and am desperately seeking help on this topic. Has anyone else experienced this behavior? Will she grow out of it? If not, I will have to give her up, which I really do not want to do.

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No Chew
by: Anonymous

"Farnum" NO CHEW spray- read and follow directions carefully. I sprayed on a cloth and wiped my coffee table. I doubt you will need the big bottle. My bottle is still nearly full and I had to spray it once. Also provide a Kong treat holder, fill it with peanut butter and a Kong ball for chewing, they are indestructable. Not the small ones, they could be a choking hazard if too small. You've got a beautiful dog, don't give up :)

chewing aussie
by: Anonymous

Get the dog a Kong. Fill with goodies. Yes she will grow out of it.

Chewing Aussie
by: Diane (Olivia's Mom)

Thank you!

She does have Kong toys but loses interest or figures it out pretty quickly. Not to mention she hides things all over the place after I give it to her.

As for the spray, not knowing where she will chew next, I would literally have to wipe down every inch of my place. I own a three story townhouse and I have found bite marks on the walls. Most destructive places have been on windowsills, base boards and trim on the steps.

If I can make it through this stage, I plan to sell my TH and buy land come Spring for her.

I know the feeling
by: Anonymous

You are not alone. Our Aussie is close to the same age. We are going through similar situations. He is a tricolor too. I tell him on a daily basis whe is lucky he is so cute. It will get better. We just have to keep reminding ourselves that.

chewing house
by: Anonymous

Do you Crate your pup? When does the chewing occur?
When left alone?

by: Anonymous

She'll grow out of it! But the spray helps. We literally sprayed it on every piece of furniture, wall, etc.

Chewing Aussie
by: Anonymous

Is it while you are home? Check into separation anxiety treatments as well. I have an Aussie that dug holes in my wall in several occasions. Yes he eventually outgrew it. The king suggestion above is great. I put in peanut butter and low calorie treats and froze it. There are puzzle toys as well that may be helpful. Hang in there!

by: Maria

And hide a few kongs around the house. Mine loved to find them! Kept her happy and busy for hours!

by: Anonymous

I have multiple chew toys that I rotate. New fav benebone bacon wishbone..... I have a 7 mo who also really has had a chewing spurt

chewing Aussie Pup
by: Anonymous

she is teething, get her a chew toy

Stop Dog Chewing
by: Anton

Here's an article on this site you might find useful:

Stop Dog Chewing

the chewing will stop
by: rochelle

ours chewed a windowsill and some wood trim, and through a lamp cord that was unplugged thankfully. we used grannicks bitter apple then moved to just simple apple cider vinegar cut with water, but we lived in a one bedroom apartment. she grew out of it quickly, it only lasted about two months. crate, close doors, put up gates. sounds like he might have a bit too much access to a large space to get into trouble. try limiting access and spraying in the room he is in.

Keep her near you
by: Anonymous

When you are home tie her to you using a long leash and when you are gone crate her. I literally have to know everywhere my 8 month old Australian Shepherd goes in the house. (especially if she gets quiet.)
I made a spray of apple cider vinegar and water and sprayed many areas she like to chew on.

She will be great, give her time, I say as I see her creep away with my shoe!

8 month old aussie teething
by: Anonymous

we have the same issue, our dog is about 8 months, and we are obv home 24/7 now with Covid. He eats through all his toys, bored with the kong, only likes this tumeric yak chew however now seems to be getting bored with that. we are out of ideas! help.

done it all
by: Anonymous

the breed is intense, I heard that, I knew that when I got her, but acceptance was a long way off. Most days we are there. It is all most like a creed. "I am dedicated to this dog, I will give her up for no reason, other than being physically unable to care for her. I am an adult, I knew what I was getting into. Chewing, nipping, herding me and my grandkids, eating everything she finds and later barfing it up. This dog can not handle boredom. I have to be on my toes, because she is close too or as smart as I am. They love to work. Never to early to start learning tricks, they love it and they learn them quick. Sounds so hard and it is! They aren't a lab. But the dedication, the love, the fun, they are so worth everything. Because love is like that, don't give up.

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