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8 Month Old Australian Shepherd Gets Diarrhea

by Delalux
(Anchorage, Ak)

This is a question. My 8 month old Australian Shepherd gets diarrhea frequently. Today I noticed it had mucus and he vomited yellowish frothy liquid. He also has vomited a few days days ago. I think that time it was because he ate too fast not chewing. Today he has not eaten or taken any water. He has always had a sensitive system. He has allergies to chicken and other undetermined ingredients. Yesterday in obedience class he got several Zukes peanut butter training treats and appeared to have a slight allergic reaction - more hyper and bloodshot eyes. This has not happened before although he has had as much or more of those treats in the past. Solid Gold Adult Maintenance has worked the best but after the first small bag he lost interest in it. The next couple small bags were eaten still with no adverse reaction but with little interest.

I mixed it with Blue Buffalo Lamb and Oatmeal puppy food to see if he would like it better but eventually there were loose stools. Last night I put out a bowl of each. He chose the Blue Buffalo leaving the other. Twice in the night he had to go out having diarrhea. I have tried several other brands including the more simple recipes avoiding chicken and now fish as well. It is my thought that I will have to prepare his food myself as there may be some hidden ingredients that upset him. He acts fine, ready to play, and in good spirits. He does chew anything and everything. As much as I try he sometimes ingests things he should not. I don't know if it is due to that or his food. He was checked out and found to be clear of parasites last March. He has had this sensitivity all along to varying degrees. Any thoughts?

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Don't worry
by: Anonymous

try some sweet potatoe (can is fine, just make sure its pure, NOT FOR PIES) and give him some in his food. My Cooper went through the same, and that's what I did, for a bout a month, and now he's fine, and has been fine for a few months.

Aussie, are very sensitive dogs in many ways, emotionally, as well as physically, I would stay away from lamb; my dogs eat only fish and sweet potatoe. I do give them treats(natural balance, and wellness)which have turkey, oatmeal and yogart.

hope this helps. hope your boy will be ok, keep us posted

similar instance
by: Anonymous

my aussie had the same symptoms your describing. I took him to the vet where they gave me worm medication. He took it and had no results. I took him back and got a different medication what was like a white mineral(much thicker then a powder) which i had to mix in with his food. It is apparently for more exotic types of worms and parasites. Now he is completely fine and his poops have been great since.
Hope this helps

Try ProZyme
by: Sarah

Prozyme is a supplement that helps dogs digest all the nutrients from their food and helps with allergies. My aussie had the exact same issue, so someone recommended this. It works amazingly.
It is plant based, and it's all natural. You just sprinkle it over their food and that usually does the trick!
Hope this helps.

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