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8 Week Merle Aussie Continuously Peeing

by Matt



My girlfriend and I recently just got a beautiful female Aussie merle pup, named Skylar. We love her so much and are crate training her. She whined the first night and since then she has been relatively well behaved when placed in her crate for bedtime. She is energetic and all around adorable. She has learned to sit already and is working on "come."

We have only had her for a week and are house-training her. She is 100 percent for going potty outside during bedtime. She whines to wake us up so we can take her outside.

However, during the evening she will go pee inside and I'll interrupt her by clapping loud once. Then I'll take her outside where she will either go again or not go at all. Then I'll bring her back inside and she will go again in a few minutes. I'll clap, take her outside where she either goes or doesn't go pee, then I'll bring her inside where it will keep repeating.

I have read that UTIs are common among Aussies but it seems to me that she just goes pee a little and doesn't pee entirely the first time.

Any information is appreciated.

P.S. - I know that it is VERY early in the training process and I want to make it a point that I am employing the positive reinforcement for good behavior and the ignore technique for bad behavior. I do not want to rub her nose in anything or give or a little spank for bad behavior.

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by: Anonymous

Just too cute!

8 Week Merle Aussie Continuously Peeing
by: Mike

I would start by checking her for redness or seeing if she is constantly licking herself. These are signs of UTI.

I have 2 9-month old sisters and one did have a UTI around 5 months and had the same issues.

I would also make frequent trips outside at regular intervals. Maybe you will have better luck getting her to signal you when she is outside the crate.

by: Gayle

You are housetraining your pup correctly. She is still very small and needs time to perfect housetraining. Make certain you keep her in sight at all times. Reward her with food and praise when she goes outside. Give her enough time to finish. If she goes more in the house, tell her "no" and again take her out. Let her know she must go outside. If you are concerned, take her to the vet. Puppies often have UTI's.

by: Debra

My 8 week female Aussie got a UTI. Same thing as your girl. Very common with the girls. Get her to your vet and have it checked out. She got a course of antibiotics and is back to normal.

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