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8 Week Old Puppy Biting And Pulling At Clothing

by Janey
(Salt Lake City)

From what I read it is normal for my 8 week old Aussie puppy to bite and pull at sleeves and pants. Sometimes she gets so wild that I have no choice but to pick her up and put her in her kennel. It does not seem to help when I ignore her or let out a "yelp" when she bites. Sometimes I have her out of her kennel for only a short time and I have to put her right back in for this reason. Am I doing the right thing?

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by: Debbie

Your dog is herding you. You have to stop it right away. They are very active dogs so I think putting it in a kennel makes it works. I would try getting a spray bottle and shooting it with a spray of water every time it does it. My aussie tried to herd my lab and I have a party horn that I blow and she stops dead in her tracks. My aussie is 7 mo and I was prepared for the worse. It never happend... she is as sweet as could be. Good luck.

Puppy nipping
by: Anonymous

A kennel should never be used to punish. It should be a fun place to go to. Say "crate" and give a treat when they go into the kennel. Even at 8 weeks, You can work on training. Stomp your foot and yell "NO" when the puppy is nipping at your pants. Your puppy is a normal puppy and needs attention and exercise. Roll a ball around and have the puppy chase it and bring it to you. Don't play ruff games like tug, it will only enforce pulling on clothing. Pull out tiny treats and start teaching tricks. Tire the puppy out while it's learning to fetch. Enroll in puppy classes and have fun!

Puppy Aggression
by: Nonnie

I agree with anonymous ... your puppy is wanting your attention. If possible set up a regular time each day when you play with the puppy and get it into obedience classes as soon as it has all its shots.

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