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8-Month-Old Australian Shepherd Jumps and Bites

My 8-month-old Australian Shepherd jumps and bites me constantly, ripping clothes and causing bruises. This is a behavior she mainly shows toward me; she does not do this with my husband or other people.

She’s actually incredibly gentle with others, including kids. This behavior makes it difficult for me to do any activities with her - fetch, walks, even being in the kitchen with her and cooking.

It seems to come out of nowhere as well; we'll be playing and suddenly she is jumping and biting. When she gets "wound up" like this she won't listen to commands and will only calm down if crated.

We've tried positive reinforcement with treats if she listens, ignoring the behavior (difficult when she's ripping holes in your clothing), bitter spray (makes her more upset).

Any suggestions?

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Exercise and Play
by: Kim

Hi, My dog would do this occasionally. What I found is by bringing my dog to daycare5 days a week he has the opportunity to play and get his excess energy out. He has calmed down significantly.

Now, when he comes home he is TIRED. I am learning that the few times he does this type of behavior, he is usually trying to get my attention. He is saying, I need to do something - like play frisbee, or go play with other dogs.

I also hired a personal dog trainerthat I just started working with a few weeks ago. Her comment is there are many behaviors specific to this breed - because they were breed to move 1000 lb animals.

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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